Filaga, the First Sicilian Pizzeria in Chelsea Market Renovates Itself Strengthening the Sicilian Identity

New York, NY, USA – Sicily is the ultimate inspiration for Filaga, the first Sicilian Pizzeria in Chelsea Market, NY.

With a totally renovated menu and ideas, Filaga brings to New York a piece of Sicilian cuisine strengthening the Sicilian identity in both recipes and ingredients.

Pizza chefs created a lighter dough to make a crispier and softer pizza, easier to digest and eat.

The tradition of Sicily in the new menu

Since its opening in 2016, Filaga, the authentic Sicilian Pizzeria, became a landmark, in the famous New York Chelsea Market.

Founded by Sicilian natives, this pizzeria is inspired by Sicilian style.

Sfincione, Caponata and Sarde pizza are the new entries at Filaga.

All three pizza are part of the authentic Sicilian culinary tradition which Filaga brought it into a Sicilian squared slice.

Sfincione, a typical pizza from Palermo, it also belongs to the Sicilian street food tradition. Sfincione is made with pecorino, bread crumbs and onions.

Caponata pizza is made with Eggplants, celery, onions, capers, light tomato sauce, the classic ingredients of Caponata recipe, one of the most popular and iconic Sicilian dishes.

Sarde pizza pays its tribute to the famous “pasta with sarde” and it is made with fresh sardines, pine nuts, raisins, cherry tomatoes, dill.

Filaga signature pizza is the quintessence of Sicily. It is a pizza with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella chopped and Sicilian trapanese pesto” with basil, tomatoes.

The 700 square foot space not only offers authentic “Pizza al Taglio” (by the square slice), “Pizza ripiena” (stuffed) as well as calzoni with chicken parmigiana, and with mushrooms and prosciutto cotto.

Sicilian pizza

One of Italy’s most fascinating and interesting regions, Sicily serves as the ultimate inspiration for Filaga, from the name (which is named after a Sicilian small town “Filaga”), food, ingredients, including the logo which is inspired by the great tradition of famous Sicilian hand-worked ceramics.

Sicilian pizza was first introduced in the United States by the first Sicilian immigrants. Today it is still a popular pizza, typically a square pizza.

Our Sicilian pizza at Filaga keeps alive the tradition of a rectangular, crunchy and airy interior topped with refined and gourmet ingredients such as prosciutto crudo di Parma, Mozzarella di Bufala, and local, fresh, seasonal ingredients like vegetables. Olive oil and flour are imported from Italy as well as mozzarella and Parmigiano Reggiano.

At Filaga we work every day, trying new techniques, way of cooking, in order to get a perfect dough and so a fresh and tasty pizza.

Making pizza is easy but a great pizza is challenging.


Our dough is made with 100% pure Italian 00 flour, free of soy, corn and other additives.

Time plays an important role. In fact, we produce the dough in small batches using a special artisan proofing process which lasts up to 96 hours. This process achieves a very light, digestible, and flavorful dough.


The menu is sober and accurate, strongly traditional. We use only Italian Organic Tomatoes for our sauce, freshly crushed and with just a little salt added. Mozzarella di Bufala from Italy is our choice of cheese; a beautiful white, clean and fresh cheese that we break by hand every day to insure the perfect texture. Finally, we gently drizzle our pizza with a unique, delicious imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia.

The story of Filaga

Filaga is a memory, a long journey from Sicily to New York City,” said Vincenzo, the owner of Filaga originally from Sicily.

Filaga is a small village, a borgo, not far from Palermo, the capital of Sicily where Vincenzo used to go to taste and have a great Sicilian pizza.

“My friends and I run breathless, free and cheerful, spending afternoons out there and eating pizza. its smell run all over the streets and, as kids, we followed it,” said Vincenzo.

“I miss my Filaga. And so I brought it here”.

Our logo

We refer to Sicilian artistic ceramics for the logo, and we commit the details of our location to the Italian craftsmen, from the tableware to the sign, from the counter to the tables to take a seat.

Our journey to Filaga is not only composed of fragrances and flavors, it is also a journey through tradition and beauty, to bring back the fascination of the Land of History and Culture, Genius and Joy of life.

Soft drinks wine and beer

We also serve soft drinks, wine and beer.

We have a complete wine list with excellent wines from Sicily to Tuscany and a variety of Italian and American beers.


Filaga is located at 75 Ninth Avenue (Between 15th and 16 Streets) inside the famous Chelsea Market in New York.

The pizzeria is open every day from 10.30 am until 9 pm.

Our food is easy to take away or to taste in our location which has 14 seats. You can also order on Seamless/Grubhub. or call 646-678-5382.


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