Hiragana Quest app enables users to learn the Japanese alphabet easily and in a fun manner

Hiragana Quest is the newly launched mobile application that enables the users to learn the Japanese alphabet easily and conveniently. The app, available for both Android and iOS users on their respective app downloading platforms allows the users to learn to read and write both Hiragana-the Japanese alphabet as well as Katakana-a special alphabet for foreign words.

Hiragana Quest app will be useful to anyone who’s willing to learn the Japanese language and even those who’re planning a trip to Japan and need to learn some basic words for communicating locally. They will be able to learn the language from scratch, beginning with the alphabet which is most important for mastering any language. With the help of in-built mascots Hirako and Katako, the user will be able to learn the language in a fun and easy manner.

Within a short period of its launch, Hiragana Quest app has received good response from the users such as this Google Play user who says in their review, “The app does a great job at teaching you how to draw hiragana and katakana. I love that each kana has a story which helps you memorize them a lot. It’s easy to draw and it detects your kanas quite well, you don’t need to write them 100% perfectly in order for it to be detected.”  Even on App Store, the app features a rating of over 4.5 stars out of 5.

The app uses simple stories or ‘mnemonics’ for each character which makes it easier for the users to learn and remember it. The user can learn over a hundred of characters in just a few hours if they put their focus to it. The specially designed system ensures that the user remembers what they have learned for a long period of time. The user can follow guides and trace each stroke on their screen and even take tests on the characters they have learned about.

Hiragana Quest enables users to earn experience points and level up their learning. Another user on Apple App Store says in their reviews, “I learned the first 7 Hiragana characters in 17 minutes and the explanations, stories and visual representations make them stick like gorilla glue. I’m beyond contentment on learning Japanese with this app. A must-have for anyone first starting out learning Japanese. Highly recommended!”.

The app enables the users to learn the first seven Hiragana for free and once they have got the hang of it, they can unlock the rest of the course with a small in-app purchase. It’s an authentic Japanese learning app, developed in Tokyo, Japan itself by Go! Go! Nihon.

Download the app for free at Google Play Store and App Store

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