Affinity Chromatography Resin Market Size, Share, Trends and Insights to 2025

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The search to find a cure for Ebola and Zika, and other such deadly diseases is expected to boost the market in the coming years. Strict guidelines by the food regulatory authorities are a growth driver in the market.

Affinity Chromatography Resin Market Overview:

Chromatography is a process to separate mixtures of coloured compounds into individual components. Resins are one of the important components of chromatographic techniques. It helps in isolation of desired component from mixtures of compounds. Resins have wide array of uses in gel filtration, ion-exchange, affinity, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction and mixed-mode chromatographic techniques. The demand for chromatography resin for monoclonal antibody production has increased in the last few years. Natural resin is the largest segment with 51% market share and is expected to keep its market share because of its easy availability and low cost. It is used in paper chromatography extensively. Synthetic resin is also expected to grow at a CAGR of xx% till 2023 owing to its high productivity. Increase in healthcare concerns and rising awareness is expected to boost the market further.

Affinity Chromatography Resin Market Size:

The global affinity chromatography resin market size was valued at USD xx million in 2017 and is expected to reach USD xx million at a CAGR of xx% till 2025.

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Affinity Chromatography Resin Market Drivers and Restraints:

The search to find a cure for Ebola and Zika, and other such deadly diseases is expected to boost the market in the coming years. Strict guidelines by the food regulatory authorities are a growth driver in the market. Emerging bio pharmaceuticals is also expected to propel the market forward. However, newer and more advanced techniques like electrophoresis, protein crystallization, and charged ultra-filtration membranes have hampered the market boom. High costs associated with the raw materials and transportation have also affected the growth of the market. However, intense research and investments from big firms is expected to expand the market substantially in the coming years.

Affinity Chromatography Resin Market Geographical Segmentation:

The market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and rest of the world, based on the regional analysis. In 2013, North America was the largest market. However, the world has caught on and is giving a tough competition to the existing American market. Intense research activities, development of various drugs and biologics and presence of multiple pharmaceutical firms has enabled the market to stay strong in North America. UK and Germany are hold about 48% of the market in Europe in terms of revenue. The growing pharmaceutical industry focus on healthcare and improving economic conditions are expected to help China and India be the boosters for the market in the coming years.

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Affinity Chromatography Resin Market Key Players:

Some big names in this market are Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Kaneka Corporation, Pall Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tosoh Corporation, Bio-Works Company Ltd., Life Technology Corporation, JSR Micro Inc., GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Knauer Gmbh, Merck KGaA, Purolite Corporation and Sepragen Corporation.

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