The Step-by-Step Process Of Opening Montana Dispensaries

The legalization of medicinal marijuana is becoming increasingly common among the 50 states. With so many new dispensaries opening, comes many new rules and regulations to make sure businesses use ethical practices and procedures. Some states can be stricter than others, however, they all have guidelines that must be followed. Among the states adopting this new look on marijuana is Montana. 

In the state of Montana, regulations for the medical marijuana program are established by The MT Cannabis Industry Association (MTCIA). The MTCIA’s mission is to create a safe and accountable medicinal cannabis program. Because of this, many steps must be taken in order to sell marijuana legally. 

In order to run a dispensary, the owner must first become licensed. The recurve a license and individual must pay a $5000 fee and meet state compliance. They must be aware of all current regulations (see page) as compliancy is extremely important in keeping business practices legal.

With laws constantly evolving, software, such as green bits, has been developed. Programs like these are helpful so business owners can stay up to date on the newest legislature. After making sure they are compliant and understand all of the MTICA’s expectations, the business owner must decide where they will get their product. Though it is possible to grow it yourself, many people choose other options. It is common to contract with manufacturers or cultivators who grow and produce product. These products could be anything from extracts and edibles, or the plant itself. Business relationships like these are beneficial for both parties, as it takes the farming part out of the equation for dispensary owners. 

An optional, but big step in the process is finding investors to help the entrepreneur get started. Creating a well thought out business model and plan to present is important. This helps show potential investors what the dispensaries goals and expectations will be. Investors are important in helping to cover things such as, licensing fees, the cost of renting a location, contracting with suppliers and more. 

Once an individual is licensed, has a supplier and a plan of action, they must decide on a location for their store. However, it is important to do research and choose carefully. The ability to open a dispensary is solely up to the city and/or county. This is because local municipalities have the authority to ban or place heavy regulation on if a store is able to function there or not. 

In conclusion, with proper planning and understanding of laws and regulations, it is possible to open a dispensary in Montana. It is a big responsibility to the business owner to run a dispensary, however it can be very beneficial. Not only is the industry very profitable but it brings patients a sense of relief and a possible cure to their ailments. With new programs and software on the rise, the process can be simplified and made much easier for new entrepreneurs. If you are planning on getting into the marijuana business, there is a lot of potential for growth!

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