EXMO, The biggest Eastern European cryptocurrency exchange To Trade Tkeycoin In 2019

POLEGATE, ENGLAND, UK – November 28th, 2018 – EXMO, the biggest Eastern European cryptocurrency exchange, and Russian blockchain project Tkeycoin (TCD), are proud to announce today that they have signed the official agreement about the addition of the TCD currency to EXMO listings in 2019.

According to EXMO representatives, the promising Russian cryptocurrency has been validated for listing after successfully passing all the stages of EXMO’s careful vetting process, established for this purpose. The official papers are signed, meaning that Tkeycoin will soon be traded in the most popular pairs on the EXMO platform.

EXMO is famous for being among the largest and crack-proof crypto exchanges. It uses the technology of cold storage, where users’ crypto wallets are kept separately, each on its own device. Throughout its 5 years of its existence, EXMO has never been hacked, and as such its investors haven’t lost a single penny to cyber criminals. The only relatively successful DDos attack was registered in December, 2017, when EXMO servers were not responding for 15 minutes. Nevertheless, all the systems were fast to react to the attack, and recovered in the shortest time possible.

All the above mentioned statistical data are indicative of the platform’s increased safety, as, in the same period of time, most other exchanges and their investors have suffered thousands, millions and even billions of dollars in losses to robbers and hackers. Thus, it is not surprising that EXMO is repeatedly rated as one of the top hack-proof crypto exchange platforms in Europe. Currently, EXMO has more than 1.5 million registered users, hundreds of thousands active traders, 87 currency pairs and 6 fiat currencies (USD, EUR, RUB, PLN, UAH, TRY). What’s more, EXMO’s average monthly turnover is in excess of $1.5 bln.

It should be mentioned that EXMO will be the first exchange where Tkeycoin will be traded after the platform is launched. During the first stage, the project will need the support of such big and well-reputed platforms as EXMO, which brings good new for those who have already bought Tkeycoins or plan to do it promptly. According to some experts, adding TCD to EXMO listings will not only result in significant rise of Tkeycoin stocks, but it will also help lay a solid foundation for the steady progress of the new cryptocurrency in the months ahead.

Actually, the fact that Tkeycoin has successfully passed the EXMO vetting process already means a lot, considering that most market players are unable to successfully complete all of its stages in order to be added to the listing. This confirms that the Tkeycoin project is seen as a serious and long-term one, and as such may be very interesting for potential investors. Though it is too early for an accurate forecast, some daring experts say that Tkeycoin’s price will rise dramatically, and reach $400 per coin by the end of 2020.

At the time of writing, the respective Russian project is at the final stage of ICO, while the Tkeycoin team is getting ready for the platform launch planned for the 1st quarter of 2019. At present time, all interested parties can buy unlimited amount of Tkeycoins (1 TDC = 1 USD), and receive a bonus of 30% for their future purchases.

According to the blueprint, in 2019, Tkeycoin is likely o appear on other international exchanges. The complete list of the platforms where users will be able to trade TDC in the popular currency pairs will be published on the official Tkeycoin website later this winter.

About Tkeycoin (TCD)

Tkeycoin is a global payment system, based on the brand new blockchain core. Thanks to the new protocol and open source code, Tkeycoin solutions can be used by millions of developers in various fields. Tkeycoin network is capable of handling more than 50,000 operations per second, and it is easily scalable proportionally to the load. With Tkeycoin (TCD) one can easily transfer your money all over the globe with no limits, blocks & sanctions as the network is absolutely decentralized. Banking solutions based on Tkeycoin have been already implemented.

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