Theatrical Music Video, Angel Music Lover Attracts A Worldwide Audience

Yes this is an age of instant gratification and attention deficient disorder, yet the classical theme in the video and song of “Angel Music Lover” is breaking the trend and dares to delve into the enlightened or devastating effects of Love over time. “Angel Music Lover” reflects the classical themes of Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture Of Dorian Grey” or even “Beauty and The Beast”, keeping alive the unending search and need for youth and the vital desire to hold on to the objects of our affections and self adoration.

“Angel Music Lover” is musical theater. The video demonstrates a maturity of performance and music production from the artist. David Simmons tells the story using flashbacks and emotionally fired vocals to tell the truth of love and life experience through the eyes of the performer. Andrew Camp and Esa Lehti surround the performance in a finely woven collage of many genres of music through time.

Time is the secondary theme in this piece. It’s only natural as it’s also a portrait of a musical relationship that spans fifty years. David, Andy and Esa were not only friends in music but were friends in High School in the Northern Town of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada where the seeds of this story began in the early sixties. At that time, stardom was not to be theirs. Lyrics and musical influences of the times were rejuvenated in 2012, when Andy and David, while putting aside their solo careers, began working together again to write the musical “Finding David”. They sought out their friend and accomplished guitarist, Esa Lehti, to round out the sixties style music needed for the time-lapse “Soundscape” they wanted to create.

David and Andy’s first group was the “Intervals” in the sixties. It’s kind of unique that after the interval of fifty years they would be back together to finish the work started all those years ago. As David says in the musical, “Timing is everything”… Well it’s time!

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