Eastern Pools, Inc. Introduces Winter Water Testing Services For Private And Commercial Indoor Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs

Ohio pool and spa company, Eastern Pools, Inc., has launched its winter water testing program for all indoor swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. The company is targeting all commercial indoor swimming pools and homeowners with indoor pools or hot tubs in the 5-county area.

NORTON, Ohio – Nov 28, 2018 – Eastern Pools, Inc. has introduced its water testing services for the winter season in Ohio. The company provides water testing services throughout the winter season to homeowners with indoor pools and hot tubs, and commercial pool and spa owners.

Eastern Pools, Inc. has started offering winter water testing services to residential and commercial pool and spa clients in Ohio. Water testing services are available throughout the cold season and they are for commercial pool and spa clients and homeowners with indoor swimming pools and hot tubs. Eastern Pools, Inc. accepts service calls for winter water testing for all types of indoor pools and spas. The company will send its technicians to test the water at the site or they can bring the water back to the lab for thorough testing. Clients can also bring in the water from their indoor pools, spas, or hot tubs for chemical testing at the company’s Taylor testing station.

Eastern Pools’ water tester utilizes the new “Lamotte Spin Lab” computerized water testing, guaranteeing more accuracy in the readings in 60 seconds. If the chemical readings in the tested water are off, the company’s highly skilled and experienced technicians will assist in getting the levels balanced in the indoor pool or spa.

According to Eastern Pools, pool water should be tested at least once a week to ensure cleanliness. Busy pools, such as the commercial indoor pools in hotels and restaurants or in gyms, should be tested more frequently. The company provides its water testing services throughout the winter season to ensure that all indoor pools, spas, and hot tubs remain clean and healthy. The company even provides clients with testing kits for maintaining balanced chemical levels in their pools.

They have also posted an article concerning water chemistry, found at http://www.easternpools.com/the-importance-of-balancing-the-water-chemistry/.

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In addition to its winter water testing services, Eastern Pools, Inc. also provides many other types of pool and spa services. For instance, the company provides outdoor pool closing services at the start of the cold season and outdoor pool opening services at the start of the spring season. The company also handles new pool and spa construction and installation, repairs, renovation, and cleaning, and the sale, delivery, and setup of various pool products, accessories, and chemicals. Eastern Pools has been providing all these services to residential and commercial pool and spa clients in Ohio since 1963. The company also operates a fully stocked brick-and-mortar pool and spa store in Norton, OH.

The pool company can also be seen at https://www.find-us-here.com/businesses/Eastern-Pools-Inc-Norton-Ohio-USA/32862678/.

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