A Brief on Gifts for Employees that Truly Make a Difference

As employers, it’s important to build employee loyalty and motivate them to perform at a higher level. While rewarding them with gifts is a great way to show them that they are valuable, and their efforts are appreciated, everyday gifts are usually unimpressive. Instead of going with cliched gifts, it might be a better idea to give them an experience they’ll remember for years to come. 

An alternative way to reward your employees is to provide them with unique experiences. The experiences can include things like wine tasting events, parasailing classes, pottery classes, to exotic vacations. This shows your employees that you’ve really thought about the contributions they’ve been making to the company. Top employees are used to getting cliched gifts that really don’t mean much, so rewarding them in this manner will can really motivate them to achieve more in the workplace. 

Blueboard shared that experiential gifts can also be great for promoting wellness. The health of your employees has a big impact on their performance at work. That’s why it might be a good idea to help them de-stress with yoga classes or therapeutic massages. You can even promote a healthy lifestyle with health focused cooking classes and fitness lessons. It’s something that your employees will appreciate while also benefiting your office’s productivity. 

In fact, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has written that businesses can expect a positive return on investment from wellness programs. In their report, well-designed wellness programs saw a return of $1.50 to $3.00 for every $1.00 spent. Employees were also far happier when engaged with these programs in their workplace. To learn more about the findings, you can find the report online

Experiential gifts also can serve as an incentive for your entire team to work hard and meet their goals. You can use a rewards platform and create a points system where employees can trade in their points for various experiences. This can work well if you offer many different options to employees. You can set up a fair system where employees are rewarded based on various milestones, achievements, and project goals. 

It does a great job in motivating employees because they know they can win gifts and rewards for their hard work. Normally, employers would randomly award their top performing employees with gifts. Employees would work without even knowing they were in contention for some kind of gift or prize. By allowing employees to track their progress and visualize the various rewards they can win, you’ll get them to step up their performance in the workplace. 

It’s a better idea to provide your employees with unique experiences instead of cliched gifts. These experiences are memorable and inspire loyalty. This decreases the costs associated with hiring and training new employees when existing employees leave as a result of not feeling valued. Setting up the right programs can also help increase productivity since employees will be motivated to perform to earn the rewards of their choice.

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