Final Flat Roof Discusses Its Innovative Thermoset Green Roofing System With Corporate Review

The state-of-the-art roofing technology from Final Flat Roof provides a final solution for the problems many property owners find with flat roofs.

Boca Raton, FL. December 24, 2014 — Sean Sanborn, CEO of Final Flat Roof, notes during his interview by Corporate Review, “Many people fail to anticipate the total cost of a flat roof over its life, including maintenance. We developed Final Flat Roof to be the ‘install and forget’ roof option for any structure.” Tune in to this story on December 27, 2014 at 5:00pm EST on Bloomberg Television (as pd prog). Check your local listings.

Sanborn adds, “Our seamless, reinforced product that forms a very tight bond with the different elements of a roof system. We currently focus primarily on the multiple types of commercial roofs, including those found on hospitals, airports, manufacturers and other areas where a business cannot be shut down to install a new roof. However, this is the most technically advanced roofing system for everyone, from homeowners to the largest international corporations”

The “Thermoset Green Roofing System” provided by Final Flat Roof is the only 1-part, Kevlar infused, polymeric membrane roofing system. It offers the immense advantage of allowing installation over any existing flat roof, extending the life of that roof for up to 20 years. Additionally, this is the only roof coating that can be installed and allowed to cure underwater, and it provides a thermo-resistance barrier similar to R-19 insulation. The company’s roofing solution is endorsed by the Green Energy Council.

Sanborn conclude his remarks by explaining, “Our distribution channel choices avoid the big box retailers. We feel this is a great opportunity for any small and local roofing contractors to work with us in partnership to develop and develop exclusive relationships in their market area.”

JL Haber, the Vice President of Programming for Corporate Review, comments, “We seek out those companies using creative and innovative ways to solve everyday business problems. Certainly, many of viewers face the roofing problems that are solved with this exciting technology from Final Flat Roof.”

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Final Flat Roof provides a long-awaited solution to the perennial issue of maintaining and replacing flat roofs.

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