MediViz Launches New Oatmeal Soap for Relieving Eczema and Other Skin Ailments

MediViz, the product line that funds free eye care for those who lack treatment facilities, has launched its new product, the oatmeal soap for eczema. The all natural and organic soap offers a wide range of benefits to the skin, keeping it clean and healthy every day.

Skin treatments can be costly, and prevention is therefore the best strategy for this body organ that is constantly exposed to the environment. The SLS free soap carries a host of natural ingredients in the form of olive oil, coconut oil, raw shea butter and hand-milled oats. These antioxidants and moisturizer protect the skin and relive a range of symptoms associated with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, as well as irritations, itchiness and sensitive skin.

The anti-itch soap can be used every day as a natural, body wash therapy, and give the skin a clean and buttery feel. The soap re-moisturizes dry skin, protects and strengthens it against external pathogens and elements of nature. The soap is 100% natural, vegan and organic, and is free from the usual industrial chemicals and fragrances.

Among the ingredients, olive oil keeps the skin moisturized, and coconut oil relives dry and itchy skin with antioxidants. Raw shea butter is known for its essential vitamins and natural fatty acids, and hand milled oats keep the body’s moisture intact.

The InterViz team of doctors is on a mission to set up free eye clinics in countries where people lack access to or cannot afford eye treatments. A part of the revenue from product sales goes towards funding this activity.

Vegan and organic bars such as the MediViz oatmeal soap are soft and nourishing, and do not leave the skin dry like other commercial brands. The new soap works as an eczema wash therapy, and is also effective against dandruff, itchiness, rosaea and sensitive skin.

The MediViz oatmeal soap is available from Amazon with 100% money back guarantee.

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