Riding to the Moon – A Charity Cycling Event Sponsored by LIVALL Smart Helmet

Riding to the Moon – A Charity Cycling Event Sponsored by LIVALL Smart Helmet

LIVALL, a pioneer and industry leader of smart helmets, is launching its debut public charity project to promote safe cycling, eco-friendly lifestyle, and personal fitness – the “Riding to the Moon” cycling event.

Here are our goals:

Firstly, for every 100km our riders complete, LIVALL will donate $1 to a registered children’s charity for the promotion of transport safety awareness. LIVALL is not only committed to producing high-quality smart helmets but also to make our contribution for a healthier and safer commuting environment.

Secondly, strengthen the importance wearing effective safety protection devices to reduce the risks associated with bike riding.

Thirdly, establish an Eco-friendly lifestyle by choosing cycling or other non-polluted commuting means to reduce carbon emissions that create a cleaner living environment.

Last but not least, riding your bike regularly is one of the best ways to benefit your health. Join LIVALL’s cycling relay race to build your personal fitness and commit to a healthier lifestyle.

This freestyle relay cycling event is organized by LIVALL and co-organized by LIVALL’s partners, including Insta360, CCN, Second Chance Ltd (UK), Ciclosport (DE), Pedal Power Association (SA), LIVALL (NZ), LIVALL (SA), Witt A/S (DK), GTC Group (MEX), BITURE S.A.S (CO). The total distance of this cycling race is a round trip to the Moon from the Earth, which is approximately 768,800km. Each participant in the race will contribute to the total distance, and the race ends when the total mileage of all participants reach 768,800km.

During the race, LIVALL will set up individual and team mileage competitions, raffle draws, and stage winners. Awards include 20 free seats at the LIVALL sponsored trip along Qinghai Lake (before the “Tour of Qinghai Lake 2019” international cycling race is held,) 9 sets of Insta360 ONE sports cameras, 14 sets of LIVALL smart helmets, US$3,000 LIVALL Amazon coupons, a cycling jersey for every winner that sponsored by well-known cycling jersey supplier CCN, as well as becoming LIVALL lifelong Brand and Safety ambassadors.

Download or update your “LIVALL Riding” APP to join the event, for more details, please visit LIVALL website: www.livall.com

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