Token Store London roadshow to help develop blockchain wallet ecology system

On November 26, 2018, Smir Barguti, known as the “Technical Genius”, opened the world’s of roadshow of Token Store for the first time in London. This time roadshow just happened to be on the APP for 2 months. In the previous 2017, their technical team developed AE. Successfully boarded the top ten cryptocurrencies in the world. On the 26th, Smir Barguti officially released Token Store technical sechnical security and ecological planning! And with the America Index Capitain Group attended and formally signed, and published and advocated the long-term view of Token Store security technology.


According to the white paper, the Token Store wallet token TSY plan will online the first main public chain before December 31, 2019, and launch 1,000 communities around the world, electing 100 super nodes, a new batch of 1 million dollars, 10 million dollars and the billionaire billionaire are about to be born… According to the technical team’s personal platform, the Token Store can be helped and plans to be further improved. Let “Cryptocurrency payments be completely popular”, Token Store wallet to create greater value, so that the market is more recognized for cryptocurrency. this time the America Index Capitain Group supports Token Store is also taken for granted

The America Index Capitain Group has a pivotal position in the international index futures options industry. His appearance means that the recognition and support of the Token Store wallet, and it is enough to make the industry look at the Token Store. Then, as a well-known international giant group company, it’s COO represents the company to signing with Token Store, why it will invest in Token Store angels, and support to promote Token Store together, this proves the long-term value of Token Store, and lead the future world wallet.

First of all, the concept of investment philosophy is coincident and the views are highly consistent. The America Index Capitain Group’s expectation for the development of the Token Store is beyond words, and this is in line with the concept of investment and resource endowment of the Token Store’s future development space, directly targeting the investment platform of the blockchain project, opening up the capital and blockchain. Mobilizing the optimal resources at this stage, and enhance the future development of the Token Store wallet. Incubate the Token Store wallet to internationalization.

It should be noted that the cooperation between the Token Store technical team and the America Index Capitain Group is not a short-term cooperation. As we all know, Token Store’s highly professional blockchain technology team, strong technical advantages, successful AE project precedents, and the construction of future trend ecology, will soon complete the global layout project; and the technical team docked the United States, the United Kingdom Technical cooperation between Switzerland, France, Singapore and other countries and regions; recently, the market is hot. Since the launch of the global APP, the number of active users registered in the market has exceeded 10,000, and the performance is strong.


Now the blockchain is also in the early stages of rapid development, with the help of blockchain technology. With the global roadshow kicking off, the influence of the Token Store will increase with the next 2019, and the influence will exceed the exchange. The Token Store will continue to work hard in the future. It is worth waiting for! It is foreseeable that in the future, TSY will become a gorgeous superstar in the global blockchain after BTC and ETH.

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