Exshell ET: Up against the Trend, Jumps 18%, Opening the Road to Bailout

How cruel is the big slump in the bear market? Bitcoin has now fallen from the highest $1,985.85 all the way to around $6,400. In the case of a 68% drop, it fell again by 34% in just a few days, even falling below the price of the miner.

Recently, BTC once fell below $3,800, hitting a new low, while the ET (ExShell Token) surged 18% against the trend, attracting attention in the industry. It is reported that until press time, ET is still stable at around $0.048, with an increase of 17.54%. In the week after the darkest period of cryptocurrency, the ET’s surge is undoubtedly a warm current in the cold winter in the industry.

Upward Trend Chart of ExShell Token

ET is the ecological token issued by ExShell and its total volume is 2 billion, there will be no SPO. ExShell will repurchase and bury 30% of the total volume of ET.

The good performance of ET in bear market got people’s eyes which is also reasonable, because the platform TOKEN is often easier to become independent market, there are many precedents in the cryptocurrency circle, not to mention the strength of ExShell.

ExShell has gathered top operational and technical experts in the industry of traditional finance and digital finance, and its core founding team members are former senior executives of Huobi. It provides more efficient digital financial services for global value investors by targeting the business models and financial products of the top five traditional exchanges in the world.

Although it was set up in the financial winter of crypto-currency market, ExShell has always been favored by the capital. Recently, more than 10 top investment institutions and well-known investors such as Consensus Lab, Turbo Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, LD Capital, and Crypto Capital jointly invested in ExShell.

The good projects in the bear market are more precious, and the popularity of ET just shows the market’s recognition of it. It may be too early to say that ET is crossing a bear market, but a strong consensus will provide strong support for ET’s march. Let’s not predict the price of ET reaches ten times or hundred times, but expect more quality projects like ET to lead the market out of the bottom.

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