New tabletop Giant Squirrels vs Zombies offers a fun twist on post-apocalyptic survival games

Giant Squirrels vs Zombies is a themed tabletop game in which players aim to survive in a post-apocalyptic world by transforming into giant squirrels.

Giant Squirrels vs Zombies recently debuted on Kickstarter, where its creators are aiming to raise nearly $22,000 for the game’s production in exchange for offering t-shirts and early bird discounts on the game. 

Giant Squirrels vs Zombies can be played in deck only mode or in deck plus board mode, giving players two exciting options for gameplay. The themed tabletop game sets players in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and other dangers. 

To survive, they must transform into giant squirrels. Along with their journey of survival, players interact when they draw defensive and action cards such as “Flamethrower,” “Dynamite Tail,” “Hunters Card,” “Transform a Friend,” “Nuclear Strike,” and “Rub the Tail of a Horse.”

The creators have also made an achievement challenge for those who want to complete tasks such as collect a potion container and share a photo, collect a staff and share a photo, take a picture with ten squirrels, and more. 

The funds received through the Kickstarter campaign, will be used towards final card design and deck printing, pack creation, and shipping. When 10 of the challenge achievements have been unlocked, a dice will be added to the game to increase dynamics. Other achievements and more backers will yield other stretch goals, such as a music video for the game, an extra 20 cards, and more. 

More details about Giant Squirrels vs Zombies, including gameplay, graphics, and goals, can now be found at

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