Heavenly Tours Barcelona Helps Tourists Gain Access to Five of the Top Barcelona Coffee Shops

Barcelona, Catalunya – Heavenly Tours Barcelona is providing tourists visiting the country with an information product to make it easy to gain access to five of the top Cannabis Clubs/Coffee Shops in Barcelona. Seeing the difficulties many tourists undergo when they want to join the cannabis clubs, they have developed a special information product to help them. Tourists to Barcelona can order their tour pass directly from the Heavenly Tours Barcelona and gain access instantly via email.

Cannabis clubs are also known as coffee shops in Barcelona. They are members-only clubs that offer a relaxing and comforting environment to freely smoke without the fear of breaking the law. While Barcelona is one of the most cannabis-friendly cities in the world, they are not so keen on those who smoke publicly. Regardless of whether a citizen or tourist, the law frowns on those who smoke publicly, subjecting them to fines.

The Cannabis clubs are one-of-a-kind clubs that offer individuals the opportunity to smoke in a serene atmosphere. They provide a perfect ambience for members to smoke high-quality weed with other like-minded individuals. However, before consuming cannabis at the Barcelona Coffee Shops, one is required to become a member. Usually, club membership is not open to the public. Entrance to the club is mainly by membership endorsement.

As a tourist advocacy company, Heavenly Tours Barcelona has seen the difficulties of many tourists visiting Barcelona looking to enjoy Cannabis/weed. To make it easy and convenient for tourists without breaking the law, they have provided unique access for tourists to join the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Through the information product of their company, they have helped many tourists in Barcelona to become members of the coffee shops and enjoy weed freely during their trips.

“Many tourists visiting Barcelona have been telling us that they want to join in the cannabis culture, however, they find it hard to gain access to these cannabis clubs as they are tourists,” says, the spokesperson for their company. “Cannabis clubs are the only place in Barcelona where it is legal to smoke marijuana, so these clubs are hard to get into. This is the reason we developed our information product to help tourists.”

For inquiries and to get access to the information product, contact their team via phone at +34 653 74 58 82 or via email at info@cannabisclubtour.com or visit their website. They are tourist-friendly and enjoy helping tourists with all they need to have a heavenly tour in Barcelona. Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

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