Zhang Yue, A Successful Young Entrepreneur From China

Zhang Yue, who was born in Lufeng city, Guangdong province on August 20, 1992. And now, he was already a chairman of DaiPu Group and the founder of brand WOUWOU and WATER SECRET.

Zhang Yue, A Successful Young Entrepreneur

His way to success was rugged and legendary.

After graduated from junior high school, he had to give up his studies due to the economic pressure of his family. He was trying to make a living in Guangzhou with a few hundred yuan.

After twists and turns, he finally found a job in the hair salon, from the first day on the job, he became the most diligent and hard-working employee in the salon, trying to seize every opportunities to learn. With his own efforts, he became a salon manager in only three years.

In March 2013, he opened his first salon with his savings, but it failed due to the unstable customer source.

In January 2014, he borrowed money to open a second hair salon. In the process of operation, he found that many customers have hair quality problems and need a professional hair care product to repair damaged hair, so the first product of  WOUWOU Nutrition Hair Mask was born.

On May 23, 2014, driven by his dream, Zhang Yue, regardless of the objection from his friends and family, he decided to sell his hair salon and devoted himself to the business of hair care products.

On July 23, 2014, DaiPu (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. was registered and established. Zhang Yue became the chairman of the board. The brand WOUWOU move into corporatization development.

At the beginning of the establishment, the company have only 2 or 3 people, they run the market, purchase, delivery, after-sales service all by themselves.

Months went by and sales were still flat, but he didn’t give up. With the join of the three shareholders, the company sailed through difficult times.

On November 5, 2015, Guangzhou WOWO Cosmetic Co., Ltd. was established, and the company entered the stage of rapid development. Invited by many media programs, the company win more than 60 awards such as Asian famous brand award and Chinese famous brand.

With his extraordinary perseverance and courage, overturn the traditional practice of cosmetic markets, engage in internet e-commerce industry, he only used three months to make the profit from nothing to ten million per month. In less than three years, the company has turned to group operation from individual operation.

The success of this young entrepreneurs, achieving accomplishment that the peers or even the experienced entrepreneurs are difficult to attain. None of this happens by accident. Zhang Yue concluded that the rapid growth of the company cannot be achieved without four aspects:

1. Grasp the opportunity.

With the rise of micro internet economy, the keen business sense of smell has been given preconceived development opportunities.

2. Product quality.

The innovation ability of DaiPu Group is conspicuous. It is mainly to control the product quality and continuously launch high-quality products with excellent quality that subvert the market, so as to win the competitive advantage.

3. Social foundation.

With the support of customers and partners and the hard work of distributors all over the world, the company has gradually gained a firm foothold in the market.

4. Good word of mouth.

Good products meet the professional sales team, good reputation will be accumulated naturally.

Nowadays, while having a good harvest in career and love, he also pays back to the society, helps his hometown to build primary schools, and takes part in many public welfare activities.

With excellent qualities, he has become a light of hope and role model for many people. He is a legendary entrepreneur born in the 1990s who deserves our admiration.

If you have a dream as he did, then go for it!

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