The Advice from a London consultant By Samson Afolayan

Samson Afolayan started his first business whilst studying in his second year at Universtity. As a way to supplement his student loan he started a massage parlour, offering relaxing massages to busy wealthy clients in the Cambridge area. After quickly realising the potential in that, he quickly expanded his team, recruiting several massage therapists who would provide the professional services throughout Cambridge and surrounding areas.
After the success of that Samson launched his own training academy for professional therapists to become qualified, quickly gaining traction and expanding the range of courses offered to include almost everything with the health and beauty sector.
Whilst also running this he launched his own insurance intermediary firm, providing professional liability insurance cover for health and fitness professionals. He also graduated from University with an upper class Honours and has never looked backed since. After a lengthy break from the hectic world of business, Samson is back and ready to start his latest venture in the world of business consulting and marketing.
What advice does Mr Afolayan offer when asked about the secret to running your own successful business? According to him, there is no secret, it just takes the dedication and get up and go of choosing to run your own business and never turning back. You need to start with an idea, once you have an idea you need to assess whether your idea solves a problem that currently exists and whether there is any demand for that problem to be solved. If there is, then you need to decide how to go about solving that problem, coming up with a clear business model that can be easily implemented with minimal difficulty and maximum efficiency. You also need to assess whether there is already somebody out there who is sufficiently solving that problem, if there is then there is no real need for you to get your hands dirty; if there isn’t, you may proceed in getting your product or service out there.
The final stage requires you to decide how you will go about communicating with the potential consumers who you aim to target. How will they hear about you? The effective delivery of this stage is arguably the most important in the entire business process, all things being equal.
Other factors will come into play once your business is up and running such as after sales service and product growth and development but get the above steps right and you’ll be on your way to business success.

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