CryptoChats is the world’s FIRST social news network dedicated entirely to blockchain and cryptocurrencies

CryptoChats announced today that for a limited time they are opening an exclusive Early Adopters program for 1,000 blockchain enthusiasts. CryptoChats is the social hub of the blockchain universe that combines the gold standard in cryptocurrency analysis with a cutting-edge social media experience for its users. CryptoChats is rewarding Early Adopters with real cryptocurrency to test and provide feedback on the platform.

For a limited time, Early Adopters will be rewarded with 100 XCT to begin trading immediately and will be entered to win a 10,000 XCT piggybank.

Blockchain technology is booming and there are numerous resources on the web available to eager investors who want to gather news, trade currency, and research ICO’s–but nothing on the web combines all of these aspects with a thriving social community. CryptoChats is the social news platform that the blockchain community never knew it needed–and from this point forward–won’t be able to live without.

CryptoChats provides users with reliable, up to the minute information on the latest in cryptocurrencies. In addition to original content, CryptoChats will also be the home of high-quality user-generated content submitted by vetted members and influencers in the blockchain space. Instead of a central algorithm, CryptoChats provides members with a decentralized democracy for organizing and ranking content, ensuring the highest member-ranked content is consistently bumped to the top of the feed.

About the XTC token

The CryptoChats token (XTC) is the lifeblood of the CryptoChats universe and drives all commerce on the platform.

A token is a digital asset issued on a blockchain and used as a medium to exchange value. CryptoChats XCT will leverage the Ethereum Token Standard ERC20 and be strictly limited to 818,818,818 XCT and never be increased.

CryptoChats features a robust platform including these key features:

CoinChase Exchange – the CryptpChats trading platform that offers investors a complete list of the most popular coins and the hottest new offerings.

CryptoChats News Network – alive stream news show that provides the latest news about cryptocurrency and blockchain. CCNN provides a combination of articles submitted by the CryptoChats writing staff as well as member curated articles

ICO Discovery – the member hub for research and education on all things crypto.

As users peel back the layers of the CryptoChats universe they will find many more valuable features such as a robust job marketplace, a thriving affiliate program, and our influencers cafe. We encourage anyone who’s interested in cryptocurrencies to come and take a look around.

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