3000 Records Gives Musicians A Powerful Voice Through Press Release Writing And Distribution

While musicians work hard to release new music the first inclination after putting out a new song is to start sharing the song. However, using press releases is often overlooked by musicians since they are not accustomed to putting out music press releases. Artist Newswire is changing that for the artists and bands they work with.

“Having something professionally written and distributed can make a huge impact on a musician’s career”, said Terrance D. Schemansky. Press Releases can appear on hundreds of news sites, and social media while allowing for building a buzz. Musicians with Artist Newswire most often promote their latest album or single using the service, which is one of many services by 3000 Records.

The company, 3000 Records, has been in business since 1996 and has worked with thousands of artists and bands since then. Amazingly, they also offer a 100% money back guarantee with Artist Newswire, and each of their other music promotion services. This is almost unheard of by other companies that promote music.

At the same time, staff is available while the company phone number and email is provided on the company web sites, and in the emails sent out. When it comes to sending out emails, the 3000 Records is spam complient with an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the subscriber emails sent out. While this may sound like something that should be a standard business practice, a simple Google search for other companies will reveal absolutely no guarantees, and no contact info. except for a “contact form”.

Artist Newswire writes and distributes music press releases onto hundreds of press release publishing sites, including Google News, and submits them to thousands of media outlets. Beyond this, music press releases can also include links to the musician’s web site and social media site, and an embedded music video. They also send a “Press Release Distribution Report” to their clients showing proof of completed work. The report  includes direct links to the hundreds of press release sites where it appears, screenshots, and social media links.

For more info. about Artist Newswire and their mission to help musicians and bands get more exposure through creative music promotion, visit http://www.artistnewswire.com or call (888) 463-4336.

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