Kapok Senior and Caregiver Resources offers an online platform to empower caregivers to take care of their aging relatives

Senior and family caregivers now have access to a rich, plethora of reliable fact-based information to make important decisions affecting their senior family members.

November 29, 2018 – Kapok Senior and Caregiver Resources empowers seniors and family caregivers with a wealth of knowledge to reduce family stress, find the resources they need, and allow seniors to grow old with dignity.  

Family members tasked with caring for an aging relative are often overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Caregiving demands much mental and physical input and these roles can be challenging. It is no surprise that family caregiving can shorten your life by 5 years. Kapok helps users understand important issues facing senior and caregivers and offers guidance for navigating social services and public benefits for aging relatives.

Caregivers often find it difficult to juggle work and parenting or caring for their aging or disabled relative. These complex care responsibilities are addressed by Kapok through an orientation to an array of relevant topics including: managing caregiver stress, legal and financial issues, finding affordable housing and transportation options, training on care tasks, managing specific health conditions, strategies for paying for costly prescription medication, and effectively using adaptive devices, technology and other caregiver tools to make life a bit easier.

What’s more, Kapok is led by experts in the field of health and aging. They don’t shy away from tough topics either. Kapok offers methods for dealing with death and grief, finances, and handling conflict with parents. Their online platform includes a dedicated section on multicultural aging, useful to those who may be grappling with culturally rooted contradictions and expectations around elder care or facing challenges finding community resources in other languages.

Caregivers now have the resources and right strategies to help their family find affordable options of care. They can help themselves through the wealth of information contained in the informative guides, articles, and videos on the Kapok caregiving website.  Visitors to Kapok have praised the helpfulness of information they acquired from the site on Medicaid, Medicare, long-distance and caregiving, transportation, housing, the emotional nuances of caregiving, and finding appropriate community resources.  Others have benefited from direct advice from the owners.

“Kapok walked my wife and I through the steps to get on the city’s wait list for a senior apartment nearby. We were tired of being crammed in with my son and his family. I just didn’t know where look.”

“I really enjoyed the articles on finding work at my age. I really weighed out the pros and cons and section here helped me wrap my head around it.”

“I had no idea how complicated it would be to move my brother from a nursing home in New York to Maryland. Kapok sent me helpful information about Medicaid coverage in both states and where to get a nurse to help my brother move, especially in his delicate stage.”

Caregivers are strongly encouraged to use the comment session to interact and ask questions on individual posts, or send their question to multiculturalcaregiving@gmail.com. The site also welcomes requests for topics to discuss or resources that deserves highlighting or development. Members are given free access to a number of guides, including a “comprehensive guide to affordable housing.”

Joining Kapok does not involve a lengthy process. Information is freely available by visiting http://www.multiculturalcaregiving.net/  To receive tailored information, individuals can register with an email address, password, and zip code. A confirmation is immediately sent after verification and caregivers are asked to fill a short questionnaire about their topics of interest. This helps personalize their experience and receive content appropriate to their interest in newsletters, if they select this option.

For more information and inquiries about Kapok Senior and Caregiver Resources Kapok, please visit http://www.multiculturalcaregiving.net/ or email the site managers at multiculturalcaregiving@gmail.com

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