Consumers Find Great Deals on Wholesale Hot Dogs at Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory

Since 1927, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has been known to Ontarians for their delicious wholesale European meats. They take pride in serving their meat products in bulk, such as beef, pork, sauces, roast beef, cold cuts, and wieners. A lot of their business comes from distributors, restaurants, and retail businesses that look for great deals on meat for their food inventory. Now, businesses are not the only ones looking for wholesale meat.

With the global economy in turmoil and consumers looking for deals anywhere they can, an increasing number of Canadians are turning to wholesale foods as a way of saving money on their long-term food budget. Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory is seeing more consumers purchasing meat at their wholesale outlets than ever before. They’re selling everything from All-Beef Jumbo Hot Dogs to Chicken Jumbo Hot Dogs. Each of these best-selling hot dogs sells in bulk amounts of 32 pieces, which weighs 5 pounds.

“We strive to maintain a close relationship with our customers,” according to a statement on the company’s website. “Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. That is how we’ve been in business for so long.”

Over the last 20 years, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has become more than just a meat wholesaler in Ontario. They have expanded their operation to other avenues of the food servicing industry where they can sell meals and individual food items to people too. There are several independent food stands and cash & carry stores in many locations throughout Ontario. This gives ordinary people the chance to try out these amazing meats in one meal without having to commit to a bulk purchase first. Soloway’s even offers catering services for parties and events.

“Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory goes out of its way to comply with all the food safety standards set forth by the government and the food services industry,” the website states.

Despite calling themselves a “hot dog” factory, Soloway’s serves other meats besides hot dogs. It just so happens that serving hot dogs and wieners are their specialty because they have been serving them since the beginning of their existence. However, the company has evolved in order to satisfy the demands of consumers.

For the first time ever, Soloway’s is serving jumbo wieners and beef burgers that are both gluten-free and nitrite free. This caters to the health-conscious consumers who have stricter dietary requirements. Bulk amounts of these wieners are also available as well.

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