Vocean appears on Nasdaq’s big screen and releases the world’s first crypto bond for Bibox

On November 27th, New York time, the blue logo of Vocean appeared on the Nasdaq big screen in Times Square, which was the prelude to Vocean’s new journey in the global financial center.

Vocean is a decentralized financial contract ecosystem, the first project co-incubated by the well-known exchange’s incubator BiboxLab and token fund Node Capital.

For the trillion-dollar market of crypto bonds and trading platforms, Vocean plans to build a bond market in the crypto currency sector.

Not long ago, on November 22nd Beijing time, the world’s first crypto bond issued by Vocean, BIX Bond, held an online conference, involving dozens of top crypto currency investors and hedge funds from all around the world. The conference was held and received special reports from more than 20 media.

Less than 12 hours after the press conference, the BIX bonds have all been subscribed.

At the press conference, Vocean founder Jerry Zhong introduced that Vocean consists of a financial contract issuance platform, a financial contract secondary market and a financial services community.

It covers the primary and also secondary markets of financial products, provides services such as risk management and asset deployment through the financial services community.

At the same time, Bibox co-founder AiresWang emphasis on that the more bear markets, the more bonds are needed. In the field of crypto assets, for investors in the crypto currency market, bond investment is a less risky and stable way of managing money.

Especially in the bear market cycle, fixed-income products such as bonds can bring continuous investment income and effectively avoid market risks, which is an investment category that investors need. In addition, in the existing digital currency market, even the well-known public chain, it is still impossible to refinance the equity in a similar form, but if it is issued in the form of mortgage bonds.

Furthermore, Bibox will hold a crypto asset summit in Singapore on November 29th, at that time Vocean will be formally launched and announce future strategic plan.

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