LEBEN – Break Down Trust Barriers And Realize Effective Sharing Of Medical Knowledge Based On “Medical + Blockchain”

The explosive growth of medical knowledge is difficult to share and move effectively. The explosive growth of medical knowledge and data has surpassed the processing power of the human brain, making it difficult for doctors to integrate all relevant information and make diagnosis and treatment decisions. At the same time, static medical knowledge requires a long accumulation time. But it’s difficult to extract after it is formed, and more difficult to be assetized for effective sharing and exchange. This further exacerbates regional medical level differences due to uneven resource distribution. In addition, because there is no corresponding support technology, medical data interoperability is poor. Other medical practitioners can hardly participate in and integrate their knowledge to achieve systematic self-improvement of medical knowledge.

Status Quo Of The Medical Industry
Status Quo Of The Medical Industry

With the technical progress, blockchain and smart contract technology have brought new perspectives and ideas to solve the trusted exchange, assetization, and effective sharing of medical data, enabling safe and efficient interconnection among medical resources and medical data. The blockchain establishes an objective and tamper-resistant medical data usage tracking and control mechanism from a technical level and builds up medical data usage credit and medical knowledge flow platforms. Meanwhile, smart contract promotes the flow and sharing of medical knowledge and narrows the service level gap among regions. The new generation of information technology triggers a new round of human pursuit of health and well-being, becoming the second information technology revolution in the medical field.

The LEBEN platform focuses on solving the pain points of medical data trusted exchange, medical data sharing, visualized medical knowledge exchange, and visualized medical knowledge sharing. It also removes the barriers of data sharing among various medical institutions. This will achieve secure exchange, compensated sharing, and controllable transmission of medical data on a global scale.

LEBEN Ecosystem's Transformation To The Healthcare Industry
LEBEN Ecosystem’s Transformation To The Healthcare Industry

Based on a technical system, the LEBEN platform differentiates the ownership, usage rights, and execution rights of medical data to formally create and validate smart contracts, realize data exchange and sharing, and visualize medical knowledge exchange.

1. Driven by business applications, it breaks the boundaries between different medical institutions and medical systems in different countries and improves the overall medical state of the world.

2. Inspired by the economic system, it enables the organizations, traditional medical information systems, and IoT health equipment to access the platform and maintain a healthy and orderly operation of the platform.

3. Promoted by the ecosystem, it fully exploits the value of multi-source and heterogeneous resources to provide an organic growth environment for the storage, exchange, and appreciation of knowledge. With the help of a strong core team and fund organization, the platform will be organized and developed in an orderly manner.

Through LEBEN’s reform and optimization of blockchain smart contract, doctor’s medical knowledge can be shared to assist medical practitioners in providing diagnosis and treatment to more patients. This greatly facilitates the flow and dissemination of medical knowledge, infinitely magnifies the value of medical data, and solves the imbalance of medical resource distribution in the world. LEBEN also achieves trusted medical data exchange through blockchain technology, breaking through the bottleneck that medical data are isolated from each other and cannot be fused. LEBEN will cover every single corner of the world with modern medical knowledge and products through an impeccable data exchange platform, bring more possibility for the global homogenization of medical quality.


LEBEN is a global collaboration platform for smart contracts in the medical industry, which characterized by “medical knowledge effective sharing” and “medical data trusted exchange”. It integrates medical artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

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