All Things to Know About the Authentic Vietnamese Cuisines

Fullerton, California – November 30th, 2018 – Digital EZ Vietnamese Cuisine is a website that provides the recipes and further information related to the Vietnamese cuisines. It features many attractive pictures to let the readers be interested more to learn about the authentic foods of Vietnam.

Asia is one of the areas that are famous for its culinary delicacy. The application of the typical ingredients and spices makes the foods have a special taste. One of the Asian countries with tasty foods and unique recipes is Vietnam. Traditional Vietnamese cooking is famous for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of oil and dairy and always use vegetables and herbs. The balance between vegetables and meats with selective spices makes Vietnamese Foods is one of the healthiest cuisine in the worlds.

There are some Vietnamese dishes that must be tried when visiting this country such as: Pho, Bun Bo Hue, Bun Rieu, Pho Kho, Banh Xeo, Banh Mi, and Bo La Lot. The Pho recipe is a combination of special rice noodle soup with some types of topping like beef, fish sauce, chili sauce, mung bean sprout and herbs. Bun Bo Hue is quite similar to Pho but the spices are added with the lemongrass as well as it uses Vietnamese beef sausage as the topping.

Still, about the noodle soup, there is Bun Rieu for those who love crabs. The noodle is thinner along with paddy crabs as the topping. Meanwhile, there are also vegetables and herbs that make this food not only tasty but also healthy. Ban Xeo is a kind of fried pancake in the form of a crepe with pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts as the filling. It serves together with lettuce and mustard leaves.

 Banh Mi, on the other hand, is a fusion food of Vietnamese and French. It is in the form of hot dog sandwiches filled with the pork, pate, cured ham and some vegetables like cucumber, scallion, cilantro or pickle daikon and carrot. Sure, the filling has been cooked using the special spices. Lastly, there is Bo La Lot, some pieces of the minced beef pinned together by the wooden stick. It is eaten along with Bun, vegetables and fish sauce or a particular dipping sauce.

The Vietnamese recipes of the dishes mentioned above are available in EZ Vietnamese Cuisine website, together with many more foods. The recipes are practical as long as you have provided the ingredients. Meanwhile, the ways to cook the foods are almost similar to the other Asian cooking methods. They are by sautéing, frying, boiling, and steaming. The Vietnamese cuisines are also about the application of the soup and congees, rice dishes, sticky rice dishes, wraps and rolls, dessert and snacks and typical beverage.

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EZ Vietnamese Cuisine is a website intended for the readers who are interested to learn more about the Vietnamese cuisines. It provides the recipes, how to find the ingredients, typical spices, and tips to make the cuisines authentically. Besides, there is also a page that introduces you special things about Vietnam beyond the foods like the cultures, cities, restaurants and important spots.

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