Hawkeye Intelligence Uncovers the Truth in Birmingham Infidelity Cases

Birmingham, Al – Private Investigations by Hawkeye Intelligence are helping to uncover the truth in cases of suspected infidelity. By legally tracing the actions of suspected spouses and partners, the PI team has been able to provide evidence of unfaithful behavior in case divorce is filed and court action is necessary.

An estimated 20% of men and 13% of women admit to having an affair at some point in their lives. While it is unfortunate to suspect that a significant other may be cheating, it is important to know the truth. Hiring a private investigator allows for the situation to be documented by a licensed professional who knows how to uncover the details and trace a person’s whereabouts to look for signs of infidelity.

Some of the most common signs of a cheating spouse are cell phone guarding, lying about where they’ve been, and not wearing a wedding ring. However, a hunch is often not enough to bring about an accusation. In these instances, a professional personal investigation may be warranted. In order to uncover the truth, Hawkeye Intelligence is able to record an individual’s daily actions, as well as perform a careful investigation that utilizes evidence-based reasoning, which is useful under the court of law. Whether planning for divorce or not, hiring a private investigator to reveal the secrets of a spouses’ whereabouts can provide peace of mind.

Prior to 2013, the state of Alabama did not require private investigators to hold a license to practice, meaning that it was very easy for anyone to gain access to files and documents at their disposal. This created a rather negative agenda and reputation for many in the field. Now, it is illegal to practice without a license, showing that those like Hawkeye Intelligence have credibility and authority.

Hawkeye Intelligence uses their expertise and background to benefit any who feel unsure, unprotected, or who need concrete evidence to bring to court. In addition to investigating infidelity cases, their services are also able to uncover the truth in child custody, alimony, and false worker’s comp cases. Because it is not always necessary to seek help from top authorities such as police officers, what personal investigators have to offer are their individual commitment and qualification for a service that no one else can do.

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