Hemeixin Electronics Co., Limited Announces To Supply Rigid Flex Circuit Boards In Custom Sizes & At Affordable Costs

Hemeixin Electronics Co., Limited promises to supply rigid flex printed circuit boards in a variety of sizes to avoid any design constraints and keeping the product cost at an affordable level.

It may be a costly affair to get the rigid flex circuits in different sizes that can meet the product requirement. China based Hemeixin Electronics Co., Limited steps forward to overcome this cost related challenge of rigid flex PCBs and help designers get out-of-the box solution. Instead of the traditional rigid-cable PCB assembly, clients can now rely on the company’s rigid flex assembly, which can save both time and cost of the clients. Based on the rigid flex technology, it extends the service life of the parts.

The company spokesperson reveals that their rigid flex circuit designing has several advantages over traditional rigid cable PCB assembly. The traditional designing process is prone to cold joints, while rigid flex circuits can eliminate these cold joints, making them more reliable and adding to their quality and longevity. Besides the costs, there are several kinds of considerations that make their rigid flex PCBs a more viable option. Explaining further their rigid flex PCB design process, the spokesperson reveals that rigid flex PCBs are a combination of flexible and rigid substrates that are laminated into a single package. The use of rigid-flex allows designers to preferably replace several PCBs, interconnected with connectors and wires. This improves the integrity of the circuits and makes it more robust and reliable.

Hemeixin Electronics Co., Limited Announces To Supply Rigid Flex Circuit Boards In Custom Sizes & At Affordable Costs

Using the latest technology, the company delivers the rigid flex printed circuit boards with an improved performance and reliability. The rigid flex PCBs supplied by the company have wide applications and have been used in the fields of military, aerospace, mobile phone and consumer products.  The spokesperson states that they can supply rigid flex PCBs with high layer counts and which can ensure high performance and durability with low emissions. At the same time, multilayer PCBs can have a better immunity to improve the signal quality.

According to the spokesperson, there are a number of reasons to use rigid flex circuit boards. These circuit boards are light, compact and robust, and are more suitable for today’s portable electronic items. The spokesperson states that these rigid flex PCBs are also perfect for new product designs and could be an ideal replacement for traditional circuit boards. One can consider the full potential of these rigid flex PCBs to meet the unique requirements of the modern electronics. The spokesperson states that rigid flex PCBs do not require cable assembly, and its overall assembly is less complex. At the same time, the testing complexity of these rigid flex PCBs is less cumbersome. The company offers rigid flex PCBs, which require fewer components for completing the assembly. This is one more advantage that clients can get from their rigid flex PCB assembly process.

To get a complete idea about their rigid flex PCB assembly process, one can visit the website https://www.hemeixinpcb.com.

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