Chetori Announces New Dating App to Facilitate Connections within the Persian Community all around the World

Toronto, ON – Chetori has announced the release of its new dating app which is designed specifically to make connections easier within the Persian community all around the globe. The app is currently available for instant download on iTunes.

“What an outrageous idea! Investing precious time and money in order to create a new dating app to compete in a saturated market dominated by established companies! How could it ever succeed against all odds?” This is what I was thinking when I met the two developers of Chetori App, Parham and Amin.

“So why would someone even try?” I asked them.

“Well,” Amin replied, with equal measure of jest and sternness, “As Elon Musk said, running a startup is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss at the same time. From the get-go we knew we won’t make money on this. Our main reason for creating this dating app for the Iranian community was the fact that, as two single professionals, we were both unhappy with the dating scene for our diaspora. Ours is an ever-changing community, with new immigrants always arriving from Iran, and others moving to the US and Europe, and we felt that deeper connections could be made based on more important cultural values rather than just superficial physical criteria.”

“But would that warrant months of planning, design, coding, implementation, and marketing,” I insisted.

It turns out that dating apps have helped millions of men and women connect and develop lasting relationships. Many users have vouched for the efficiency of dating apps and their role in their lives when they found their true love. Numerous studies suggest that people who consider using dating apps are more ambitious and far more likely to commit to a relationship than others.

As the creators describe it, “Chetori is a new dating application with the goal of facilitating connections within the Persian community all over the world. Our goal has been to create a well-designed, pleasant-to-use application, with a cultural focus, while at the same time connecting people with similar interests and personality traits for serious relationships”. As noted on their website, the app was released in March on the Apple Store, while the Android version will be released within the next few months. Android users should stay tuned and check the website for release dates.

The app’s planning, design, development, and implementation took over a year to complete; the developers had the user’s experience in mind at all times: “We believe that if a product focuses on the user’s experience, it will succeed eventually,” says Parham. The two developers hope that this app will emerge as something that anyone in the Iranian community can enjoy, regardless of age or personal views on relationships, and especially something that is far superior to all existing alternatives in terms of dating apps for the diaspora.

They have created a solid mobile app that is simple to use, easy to configure, and, above all, intuitive. “We have many features that make this an amazing and fresh experience for all of our users; we have created an app that just works, plain and simple. We stayed away from complex features which make similar apps confusing and difficult to use,” says Parham.

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We recommend that every single Iranian person in the diaspora looking for a serious relationship give this app a try! Spread the word and create genuine connections!

For more information, visit the website at, or download directly from iTunes.

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