Parkside Animal Health Center – Local Animal Hospital in Aurora, Colorado Makes a Hero of a Clinic Cat Named Whisper

Aurora, CO – Dr. Brenda Eisenhauer, owner, and veterinarian at Parkside Animal Health Center has helped transform the life of a former shelter cat named Whisper, into a resident hero and full-time clinic cat. Clients of the well-reviewed veterinary clinic know Whisper as the official, and fearless, door greeter.

Before arriving at Parkside Animal Health Center, Whisper was brought to a local shelter where she was spayed and had all of her infected teeth removed. Whisper had come from a difficult hoarding situation with many other cats. Whisper was about ten (10) years old but her playful attitude made her appear to be a much younger cat.

While working at the local Denver shelter, Dr. Eisenhauer met Whisper and immediately fell in love with her silly demeanor and friendly attitude. However, after Whisper’s extensive dental work, she stopped eating. Dr. Eisenhauer decided to help the shelter nurse Whisper back to health and took her home for foster care. According to Dr. Brenda Eisenhauer, it isn’t completely abnormal for a cat with extensive dental work to not eat right after the surgery. But if this goes on long enough, it can have major consequences.

Dr. Eisenhauer offered Whisper a huge variety of wet and soft food that would be more gentle for her sore mouth. But Whisper still wouldn’t eat. “Finally, we offered her some dry kibble and she ate it all right away,” says Dr. Eisenhauer. This was unexpected but just another way that Whisper plays by her own rules.

Once back to health, Whisper went to live with Dr. Eisenhauer at her Aurora animal hospital to live full time. After she had settled in, staff were fascinated by Whisper’s eagerness to make new friends. “She was ready to greet every person and animal patient at the door,” says a veterinary technician at the Aurora veterinary clinic.

Whisper has it pretty good at Parkside Animal Health Center. “She has her own room with climbing shelves, scratching posts, a bed, and food bowls,” said Dr. Eisenhauer. In her free time Whisper likes to play, sleep and generally explore the hospital. She still only eats dry kibble no matter what tasty treat is offered to her.

The most remarkable thing about Whisper is her ability to make new friends through sharing kindness, empathy, and fearlessness. When she hears the animal hospital’s doors open she is the first to run over and see what new person has arrived.

She is also known for “supervising” the cleaning of the entire facility. Each day, she makes sure that the shelves and countertops are well cleaned to her standards. While most of the time this means knocking things to the floor the animal hospital staff appreciate Whisper’s support. Whisper and her story have been covered by multiple internet publications and media outlets. To see more about Whisper (including great photos) check out this article about the Aurora clinic cat without teeth.

You can visit Whisper and local veterinarian Dr. Brenda Eisenhauer at Parkside Animal Health Center and animal hospital in Aurora, Colorado. Parkside Animal Health Center is a top-rated American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited veterinary clinic that handles everything from basic wellness exams to more advanced surgical procedures.

Parkside Animal Health Center is located at 5001 S Parker Rd #101, Aurora, CO 80015. For inquiries, contact them via phone at (303) 699-3344 or via email at 

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