“World token” has entered a new stage, the First Asia-Pacific Financial Technology Summit was held in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, a beautiful city located in Australia. As one of the richest country in the southern hemisphere, Sydney has concentrated a large number of high-end industries such as finance, science and technology. The state government has always been concerned about the development of the blockchain industries in the local area. On November 29, 2018, the First Asia-Pacific Financial Blockchain Summit was sponsored by the Australian Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, the Government of New South Wales, the Sydney Municipal Government, the Global Blockchain Industrial Park, the BCU Block Chain Alliance, the Bee Blockchain Foundation, ONE.TOPSuper Species, Money Weekly and the Asia-Pacific Financial Investment Association has been convoked in Sydney City Hall. “World Token”was invited to attend the conference as one of the most popular project in the Northern Hemisphere. Amy Wang, the Australian community sponsor, shared the concept and implementation of the “World Token”, which helped all participants to have a better understanding of the “World Token” and also enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the local community.

Most of the guests are from Asia-Pacific area. There are also have some local exchanges and local industrial union of blockchain has attended to the meeting. At the meeting, Mrs. Wang gave a presentation entitled as “The decentralized financial inclusion system—based on blockchain technology”. She discussed the reasons for the difficulty of landing financial inclusion system, and the solutions that blockchain can possibly do. Mrs. Wang also shows her insights of the financial industry based on blockchain technology.

During the meeting, Mrs. Wang’s speech made most of the “World Token“ fans had an unforgettable night. Mrs.Wang interacted with community fans from time to time. The community fans who participated in the meeting responded enthusiastically and said that at this meeting, they felt the ”World Token“ can really change their lifestyle. They believe that the financial sector of the blockchain will give the world a revolution.

“World Token” debuted in the city hall of Sydney, it indicates that the globalization process of “World Token” is beginning to be fully rolled out.

We believe “world token” will showfinancial inclusion system to every single onein this world. The community will getting bigger and stronger.

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