Device blends original design, careful craftsmanship and advanced sound speaker technology with affordability

A doughboy-shaped and Space Cadet Bluetooth and Wireless True Stereo Speaker is being launched on Kickstarter today to appeal to audiophiles, music lovers and also to an audience of consumers who look for originally designed gadgets that also make singular decoration items.

“Quite simply, we believe the 9.01 BLUETOOTH HI-FI STEREO SPEAKER has it all,” confidently stated Eric at Monster Link, Inc., the company that created these speakers and which is now launching them on Kickstarter. “We wanted to make sure that people could rely on stereo speakers that offer such a quality of sound, that they truly feel like the user has a headphone on. At the same time, we also wanted to bring affordability into the equation while also making it unique with its design, but also versatile because people can have it as a normal-looking speaker if they want to,” the innovator detailed.

While its design is the most apparent feature of the Singing Dough Boy and Space Cadet, this is a stereo sound speaker system that promises to go beyond the aesthetic impact it wants to create. The 9.01 BLUETOOTH HI-FI STEREO SPEAKER is composed of a 4-inch woofer and two 1.5-inch mid-range tweeters, it features a Bluetooth 4.2 technology with a transmission distance working within 10 meters, and it has three separate vocal tracts for bass, left alt and right alt sound channels while having a 2.1. sound channel that promises not to frustrate the expectations of music lovers while still keeping a simple structure.

The device incorporates a DSP Chip that allows for flexible audio channels allocation and an EQ effect adjustment that allows the users to experience a sound that feels authentic. “Clean, layered, stereoscopic, pure and powerful, that’s how the 9.01 BLUETOOTH HI-FI STEREO SPEAKERdelivers its amazing sound output,” Eric added.

The device works through a frequency range of 80HZ—18KHZ with a SNR higher than 81dB, it comes with USB and AUX connections, and it can be remotely controlled not only through Bluetooth pairing and Wi-Fi from a tablet, laptop or smartphone, but also with an infrared remote control.

“For an even better experience, we designed the 9.01 BLUETOOTH HI-FI STEREO SPEAKERto allow for further sound improvements through a smooth touch and to have an adjustable volume through slide touch. It also comes with Interconnection and Simultaneous Play features,” Eric further explained.

The durability and quality of the materials have not been forgotten either, in a gadget world where consumers will not take powerful features while sacrificing quality and durability. The 9.01 BLUETOOTH HI-FI STEREO SPEAKER is made from select materials, namely integrating an aluminum alloy Diaphragm and Wriggling neck, ABS raw materials, and a Steel mesh grille with a 1 mm front mesh that gives priority to sound transparency. The metal base of the device, along with the FRP-built body of the doughboy-shaped device, are characteristics that are expected to reassure potential backers about the product life of these Stereo Sound speakers.

The 9.01 BLUETOOTH HI-FI STEREO SPEAKERcrowdfunding campaign is being launched today at <>, and it is seeking to raise $10,000 to fund the large-scale production of the device. Backers are being offered early and discounted access to the doughboy-shaped speakers in exchange for their support.

For more information, please visit <> or contact Eric, on (415)867-3030 or at

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