New Most Authenticated News Social Media Site, Battling Fake News Launched. is an emerging social media website dedicated to providing most authenticated Independent, Irreverent, and Intelligent news from around the world. Nowadays, a considerable amount of people’s time is spent online; on social media websites, these sites are not only providing a form of entertainment and connectivity but are also rapidly becoming a preferred medium for news and information. Freedom Connects seeks to establish itself in a swiftly growing niche that combines social media with authentic news that people can depend on.

Freedom Connects’ focus as a budding a social media website is to bring together like-minded individuals who like to stay in touch with the local and global current affairs but are skeptical of social media platforms as a source. The free to join website with a quick and simple registration process takes no time to complete and homepage, after being registered each Freedom Connects user will be directed to their customizable profile through which they can start viewing and sharing videos, pictures, and other news with their social network. The website is worldwide and not limited to a specific area or group of people, the only focus is authentic news.

The spokesperson for Freedom Connects said, “As a platform Freedom Connects was to create content with sharp opinion in the arena of politics, Entertainment, Live events, Art and Culture, Health, Law, Business, and Showbiz. Our team’s approach is always skeptical but never cynical.”

The need for a more reliable social media site that offers authentic news in an entertaining social vibe increased when the alarming issue of fake news and misinformation on most social media platform was raised. The problem of fake news and misinformation seems to be rampant on social website like Facebook and Twitter to this day despite serious measures taken by the management. The highly questionable and low quality content has a serious and concerning impact on the US 2016 Elections. This also goes to show how much impact social media news has on its users. Shadow banning is another common issue on social media websites that Freedom Connects aims to eliminate. Shadow banning refers to the act of limiting the visibility of a person’s post to the user who created it without outright banning the creator.

The team believes:

“The big problem is that many people often lack the ability to discriminate between the real news from the fake and shadow banning, this has become a problem that we must deal with immediately. Precisely for these reasons, Freedom Connects platform was created.”

About: is a newly launched platform offering most authenticated news. Operating from the United States, Freedom Connects is home to Independent, Irreverent, Intelligent global news round the clock.

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