We Make The Decision / We Finance The Individual / No Credit Check / We Make The Loan 0% Interest.

This Weekend In Atlantic City, NJ December 1, 2018 @ 10AM We Will Begin To Finance Individuals.

Atlantic City, New Jersey – Nov 30, 2018 – Advanced Consulting, Inc. Chief Executive Ofiicer Gem Lake said they will be providing in house financing for 200 Condo Units this weekend in Atlantic City, NJ. These are beautiful beachfront units with incredible views of the ocean, indoor pool, parking garage along with incredible amenities. We will be bypassing the banks while  making our lending decision based on the individual, not based on credit or past issues like bankruptcies or challenges a person has faced. With our own ability to finance our units in house we are able to turn each person into an owner creating a high level of value. (0% Interest)

200 Units Will Be Financed This Weekend  / This Has Never Been Done In America Before.

This weekend we will be doing a walkthrough of the property, join us for the most incredible project in America.

To even the playing field our loans will be no interest again, 0% interest for the life of the loan.  Individuals who have the ability but don’t have the credit or the requirements most banks ask for will have a door opened for them. This Saturday, December 1, 2018 starting at 10am we will begin to approve people.

This is not a pre-approval, once your approved you are approved.

Get into a real level of action, avoid all the side talk, unnecessary meeting and reach out to us.

Atlantic City is incredible, crime has dropped 44% over the last 2 years, Moody has increased the City’s credit rating, over a billion dollars in new development over this year, the market has made an incredible turn for the predominately African American city.

Lake said: It’s an opportunity for all ethnic groups to invest in diversity while investing in themselves.

We see to many people standing on the sidelines, banks continue to deny the loan, they are put through so many discouraging steps that many just quit. We believe it starts with the ability to finance in house while building a new chapter in business.

Call us at 516 226 8308 or the best way is to email us at

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