Psychologist and Healer Leslye Jacobs Offers Help to Patients Around the World

Leslye Jacobs is the founder of Exit27 Transformational Healing. Clinically and spiritually trained in a variety of ancient and future modalities of energy healing, Leslye is a unique and highly effective healer who has helped patients from around the world. To learn how Exit27 Transformational Healing can help you, please email Leslye at: or visit her website.

The holiday season may be a joyous time for many, but for some it can accentuate psychological burdens. During this holiday season, if you are suffering from depression, anxiety or other health issues, Leslye can help identify the root causes of unwanted core beliefs, blockages and ailments and help you heal them.  She specializes in collaborating with her patients to provide healings based on comfort level, personal history and ailment “root causes” – removing and healing on a cellular level.

After studying Clinical and I/O Psychology, Leslye received her Master’s degree from the University of Detroit Mercy’s School of Psychology. Though initially interested in past-life regression and traditional therapies, Leslye continued to explore other healing modalities that she found to be more effective with her clients. She studied with many important healers and shamans from around the world that awakened many of her skill sets from lifetimes of healing. 

Prior to healing full-time, Leslye worked in international business management consulting and business process re-engineering, as well as many years of experience in education and children’s causes. She returned to her first career in journalism in 2007 as a celebrity reporter when she launched Exit27 and later Pals Around the World, her 501c3 charity in 2009, which donates children’s educational books (each based on different country) to after schools and public schools. 

Using her diverse professional and cultural background as a source of commonality with her many professional and corporate clients, Leslye offers a unique healing experience that bridges the business, indigenous and clinical worlds, one that very few of her peers can provide. Drawing on her study of shamanism, Native American tribal medicine, ancient wisdom keepers (including those with her at Return of the Ancestors – the once in a lifetime Mayan gathering she was called in spirit to attend with all the other light workers from around the world) and traditional psychology, Leslye is able to provide advanced energy healing that is uniquely suited to each person.

Prior to an initial appointment is actually when the process begins; as 24 to 48 hours prior to an appointment, Leslye starts “tuning in” to her clients, pinpointing which areas need healing.

The insight she provides her patients is felt and validated by each client, and offers a healing focal point for where the healing work begins with the client playing an active role. Once connected, she helps her clients validate what is going on. Messages/work may comes in many ways – through thoughts, feelings or verbal cues/sounds or while remote viewing inside the body where the blockages may stem from – removing them and empowering her clients so that they may be fully restored to good physical and emotional health. Since her clients are fully engaged in the process, Leslye works with each client to help them access the “root cause” of what’s needed so that they can understand and approve the work they are doing together. Thus, co-creating their own healing.

Leslye conducts her sessions by in-person office visits as well as through through remote sessions by phone. Skype is not possible with her remote clients – as they must be lying down and in a quite setting uninterrupted with phone access. She has worked with many international clients and is proficient in Spanish.

If you would like to learn more about how Exit27 Transformational Healing can help you this holiday season, please visit or their Facebook page at You may also email Leslye Jacobs at

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