Rutherford TAS offers a Professional Answering Service That’s a Cut above the Rest

Rutherford Answering Service is a professional answering service that meets the call answering needs exclusively of medical professionals.


Rutherford Answering Service is the oldest professional answering service around. Established in the fall of 1986, they have been serving the medical profession exclusively and impeccably for 26 long years. No wonder then, that they are the first choice of doctors when they need a friendly and professional voice to answer calls to their medical office.

According to the CEO Benjamin Pure, there are good reasons to choose Rutherford Answering Service. They have the best and most committed call agents in the industry. Their services come absolutely risk free with their 30 day free trial. They cater exclusively to the medical field and process literally thousands of medical calls per day. The experience helps them deliver answering services of the highest quality every single time.

The industry is bound by strict regulations that prevent a medical practice from sharing patient information with anyone other than the patient without a written authorization under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The regulations have been extended to electronic health records as well by HITECH (The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act).

Contrary to common belief, not all health services comply with HIPAA. That’s why you need a professional answering service such as Rutherford Answering Service. They provide you as well as your patients with peace of mind that you are covered in the event of any audit, review or lawsuit. At Rutherford TAS, they perform regular internal audits on their processes and employees to ensure complete compliance with HIPAA and HITECH.

Doctors who fear the daunting and beleaguered process of switching services will find making that transition easy and seamless when they choose Rutherford. They have dedicated account managers who make sure that the changeover is smooth and quick.

The 30 day free trial offer from Rutherford Answering Service to their clients is a demonstration of their commitment. They will help you revert to your previous systems if you are not satisfied with their service and at no charge to you. They don’t believe in contracts either. You can cancel their service for any reason without getting billed a termination fee unlike some other doctors answering services.

The growing popularity of Rutherford Answering Service can be attributed to a great extent to their simple pricing plans that are easy to understand. They make sure the problems of their clients are attended to and resolved swiftly. “We are pleased with the operators handling our calls promptly, friendly thoroughly and extremely pleased with their supervisors”, says Susan Lawrence, Practice Administrator at Integrative Gynecology. “When we call them about a problem, the issue is always resolved”.

CEO Benjamin Pure believes that the company enjoys leadership position in the answering services industry because they all grew up working in the business. “Every one of us has played an important role in the success of our company and we continue to grow today because the commitment to our doctors and our employees remains strong”.

At Rutherford TAS, every call is recorded, logged, and monitored. Every employee undergoes a weekly review with management where random calls from the previous week are reviewed. This ensures that all agents are on their toes and provide an exceptional level of service to their clients and that the patients get a great calling experience of a professional answering service.

You can set up an account with Rutherford Answering Service and get ready to start using their answering service within 48 hours of their office receiving a completed application.

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Company Name: Rutherford Answering Service
Contact Person: Adam Bell
Phone: 800-523-9951
Address:23 Highland Cross
City: Rutherford,
State: NJ, 07070
Country: United States