Avail Professional Medical Telephone Answering Services at Affordable Prices

Cullens Communications offers professional and friendly telephone answering services to doctors, physicians, gynecologists, pharmacists, pediatrics, neurologists, hospitalists, and medicine companies in USA at affordable prices.


Located in Goshen, New York (USA), Cullens Communications is dedicated to providing doctors, pharmacies and hospitals with friendly, professional, and local telephone answering services, meeting all their unique needs and specifications. Their advanced technology offers customers excellent call quality and functionality, while saving them a lot of money. Their aim is to help clients enhance their customer service levels at the lowest possible cost.

Cullens Communications Telephone Answering Plans

Cullens Communications has simple and straightforward telephone answering plans, delivering total value to customers. With their flat-rate plans, their clients can actually receive full value for their hard earned money. They offer monthly rate hassle-free plans with free text messaging, email messaging, pager messaging, fax messaging, voice mail, and unlimited emergency calls. In addition to this, there are no installation and set up charges. Besides, the clients don’t have to make initial deposit to avail their services.

The monthly service is available for $159.99 per month, with a flat fee of $49.99 per month for each additional doctor and a flat fee of $49.99 per month for each additional office. They also offer an extra care plan for organizations wanting their customers to speak with a live agent during each and every call. Under this plan, the emergency calls are immediately relayed to the on-call personnel, whereas non-urgent messages are left for the office staff in the form of email, text message, fax, page, or telephone, depending upon your preferences.

The extra care plan starts with a monthly service rate of $29.99 with $0.79 cents per minute of agent phone time. The other features including text messaging, pager messaging, fax messaging, email messaging, and voice mail can be availed for free. There is no set up fee or initial deposit.

Remain Connected with Your Customers 24×7 

Cullens Communications is dedicated to helping hospitalists, gynecologists, neurologists, pharmacists, pediatrics, dentists, and medical companies to remain connected with their patients no matter whenever they call. The calling agents are well trained and experienced to handle all types of incoming calls, giving your clients excellent service. They provide your clients with the desired information as well as maintain a datasheet, so that you can keep track of the latest communication with your client. The report can be easily accessed by the authorized person at any time. If you get time, you can also make a personal call to your clients later.

Their physician answering service is an ideal choice for medical organizations having high call volumes or wanting to offer excellent customer support to their patients. The best part is you don’t have to recruit in-house staff and pay full-fledged remuneration. It’s a monthly service that operates from a remote location without interfering in your day-to-day routine. The customer support can be handled by Cullens Communications whereas you can focus on core business activities such as business development.

Free Trial

At Cullens Communications, they understand that switching to professional telephone answering services is a big decision. To make the transition smooth and hassle-free, they offer a free month trial to their potential clients, so that they can understand how such services can help them enhance their customer service level. The free month trial package is free to install and easy to use. If you’re not satisfied with the services offered, the entire amount is refunded after the free trial period.

About Cullens Communications: Cullens Communications is a New York based company offering professional telephone answering services to the medical industry in America, covering hospitals, physicians, dentists, gynecologists, pediatrics, neurologists, pharmacists, and medical companies.


Company Name: Cullens Communications
Contact Person: Adam Bane
Email: sales@cullenscommunications.com
Phone: 877 499 1280
Address:40 Mathews St. Suite 204 Goshen NY 10924
Country: United States
Website: http://www.cullenscommunications.com/