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SkillStrings.Com is a career platform for networking and job related interaction dedicated to addressing issues like ‘help me find a job’ associated with job seekers.


Located in Princeton, New Jersey (USA), SkillStrings.Com is one of the most comprehensive and reputable platforms connecting candidates, recruiters, and employees. ‘Help me find a job’ is a common request this portal is dedicated to address. Even recruiters and employers can get access to potential candidates with the required skills.

With an aim to allow job seekers and employers find jobs and filling vacancies respectively, the platform offers effective career networking service in the social age. understands the importance of finding the right jobs and candidates through networking and makes job search easier than ever.

Get Started with SkillStrings.Com

Getting started with SkillStrings.Com is extremely easy for everyone, no matter whether you are a candidate, recruiter, or an employer. Candidates can register themselves on the website and connect with the recruiters and employers and apply for relevant jobs quickly, moving up in the selection process. They are required to pay special attention when filling in job skills because that determines who they can connect with.

Recruiters, by registering on the website, can build a network of individuals matching the hiring requirements. They can use a wide range of tools and features to screen the strings and fill the positions quickly. The process is very easy and recruiters are required just to fill out a simple form.

Employers need to register on the website to connect with the skilled candidates through corporate recruiting teams, while consolidating and managing their recruitment activities for better and quicker results. They just need to click on the ‘Register’ button against the ‘employers’ section to register on the website.

Connecting with Candidates/Recruiters/Employers

Candidates can connect with the recruiters in their network, which is determined by the skills they have filled in during their registration process. They can send job applications, chat online, send emails, or take video interviews with recruiters or employers, while moving up in the selection process quickly.

Recruiters can similarly connect directly with the potential candidates matching the required skill sets easily and quickly. They can interact with them through chatting, emails, and video calls, depending upon their preferences and requirements.

SkillStrings.Com is dedicated to bridging the gap for talent search. Even employers can connect with job seekers through their recruiting teams and get access to the desired skill sets. The portal helps them quicken the entire process and fill up the job vacancies in shortest time possible.

Benefits to Candidates, Recruiters, and Employers offers umpteen numbers of benefits to everyone who joins the network. Candidates can connect with the recruiters and employers who are hiring people with the same skill sets. In addition, they can maintain a calendar and prepare for the video interview. On the other hand, the portal provides recruiters with a simple and quick solution to gain access to the potential candidates with the desired skill sets. They can quickly move the candidate through the selection process and close a job opening. Employers can eliminate inefficiencies in their hiring process and get only those applications that match the job description uploaded by them.


SkillStrings.Com ensures that your personal details and all other information cannot be seen by anyone else except those who are already in your network. Users must ensure they upload only career related information.

About SkillStrings.Com: SkillStrings.Com is a reputable online portal committed to address the most common issues like ‘help me find a job’. The website acts as a platform where candidates, recruiters, and employers can connect and interact with each other. 


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