Comfort in Sorrow: Living after the Death of a Loved One by David McGee – Overcome the Grief caused by the Loss of Loved Ones

December 13, 2018 – Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. While the deceased rest in peace, it’s often not the case for the loved ones left behind. Grieving is a normal and healthy reflex, and there are healthy ways to come out from the grief phase. Comfort in Sorrow: Living After the Death of a Loved One, a book by David McGee, provides valuable and workable insights for those people who are struggling to deal with the loss of a loved one.

The book is an instructional grief management manual that is targeted at a readership comprising of Adult/senior, Funeral directors, Hospice programs, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Schools and, University classrooms.

Comfort in Sorrow: Living After the Death of a Loved One was written by David McGee to fulfill requests from Hospice workers and bereaved families. It’s noteworthy that the book was compiled over a period of decades but it is still relevant in relieving prolonged affliction characterized by a deep grief.

David McGee’s work experience as a pastor, hospice chaplain, and counselor has contributed significantly to the writing of Comfort in Sorrow: Living After the Death of a Loved One. He offers a hug and commiseration in the form of writing that warms the reader and breaks down the barriers to embracing grief and in accepting it, let it go.  He says,

Our world is filled with hurting people, and not enough stabilizing information. However, the directive from the Bible is to ‘comfort those who mourn’ and that we are to live our life in hope.  I feel the need to reach as many as I possibly can with the healing words of ‘Comfort In Sorrow’

Comfort in Sorrow: Living After the Death of a Loved One is a self-help book that provides reliable guidance on how to practice self-care in the face of mourning a loved one’s departure from this finite world. David McGee tells of seeking solace and accepting the loss by building on the strength of spirit and surrender and trust in God. His close encounters with grieving people and their hurt make this book a must read for anyone struggling with loss.  Comfort in Sorrow is used widely in classroom settings, support groups, and personal grief journeys.

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David McGee has served as a Pastor, Hospice Chaplain, Bereavement Facilitator, and Counselor for more than 40 years. In his ministry and his writing, he skillfully entwines grief, life, and faith to create a foundation for individuals dealing with death and seeking to rebuild their lives, offering stability in uncertain times.

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