Acclaimed Poet A. J. Darkholme Pens New Novel “Rise of the Morningstar”

Meet celebrated Canadian author and poet, A. J. Darkholme: a writer whose works are quickly capturing the hearts and minds of readers all around the world. Establishing himself as one of Canada’s most influential young poets with insightful pieces like “The Introvert” and “Shadows”, Darkholme brings a fresh, new voice to the world of writing. This December marks the release of his first novel, “Rise of the Morningstar”, a gripping tale that is equal parts deep and meaningful, and is guaranteed to take readers on a ride that they will never forget.

Like many poet-turned-novelists before him, Darkholme is aware of the power that a single word can have over the feel of the entire piece, and makes this evident right from chapter one. His breakthrough novel has been described as a “masterpiece” among numerous fans who acknowledge not only how he writes, but the importance of what he writes as well. While the Fantasy genre is primarily known for its entertainment value, Darkholme takes this a step further, not only entertaining his readers, but empowering them as well. The story of “Morningstar” is a prime example of this author’s distinct and enthralling storytelling abilities hard at work, including elements from a wide range of genres such as Fantasy, Self-help, and Romance (to name a few.) This combination results in a story that evolves in unpredictable ways, keeping a reader’s attention long after the first few pages have been read.

“Rise of the Morningstar” is guaranteed to please lovers of all genres, and is more than likely to join the ranks of some of the most notable and well-respected Dystopian writers one day. Masterfully written and utterly compelling, this story would be remarkable coming from even the most established authors, but to come from such a new writer is confirmation that A. J. Darkholme is, without question, a star-on-the-rise. If you are looking for the next great novel to disappear into, “Rise of the Morningstar” will not disappoint.

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