Kataku Technology: The New Twin Cities Computer Repair Authority

There is a new defender in town for the computers of the west Twin Cities metro. This new business aims to focus on a higher quality of customer service than the big names of computer repair to become a computer’s personal samurai.

Kataku Technology is an up and coming in-home computer repair business started in 2012 by Adam Kobler.

“Why should you pay large amounts of money for small amounts of service?” said Kobler. “My goal is to raise the bar of expectations in the consumer computer repair industry.”

Kataku Technology offers several different services in addition to traditional hardware and software troubleshooting. These include a “Computer Setup” package for consumers who have bought a new computer and want assistance with setup and configuration. Another package called the “Samurai Guardian” offers clients peace of mind by giving a technician live views of a computer’s update and anti-virus needs without compromising the client’s privacy. The service delivers the proper updates and protection for a client’s equipment.

Consultation is free and allows Kobler to assess the proper solution for his client’s situation as well as the approximate costs.

Kobler selected the name Kataku because he wanted a name that would be unique to the market and have a personal element to it. German, Russian and Japanese are all languages Kobler continues to study as a hobby.

The Japanese word Kataku means “protection.” Kobler continued, “If we look at Kataku’s samurai mascot, it ties a number of core concepts together: efficiency, honor and steadfastness.”

Kobler is a graduate of Luther College with a bachelor’s degree in both Management Information Systems and Russian Studies.

Kobler’s passion for technology allows him to stay current on emerging trends where he continues to deliver modern solutions for his clients. He feels that the human element is something that is getting increasingly hard to find in the business world these days and likes to form a bond with his clients. As an active member of Business Networking International (BNI) and an ambassador for a local chamber of commerce, he knows the value of having an expert you can trust on your side when a problem arises.

Those living in the Western Twin Cities metro area with a computer is in need of rescuing can contact Kataku Technology for a free consultation today.

For more information, contact:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kataku-Technology/
Google+: http://plus.google.com/109738664804820278675/

Media Contact
Company Name: Kataku Technology LLC
Contact Person: Adam Kobler
Email: adamk@katakucomputersupport.com
Phone: 612-643-1011
Country: United States
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