Why Medical Offices Should Use MedConnectUSA for Their Medical Answering Service

Las Vegas, NV – Effective communication is the key to a well-run and integrated medical operation. It helps medical professionals to stay in touch with patients and attend to their needs on time. To achieve this, medical facilities use their in-house front desk to keep up with the unending stream of patient calls. This, however, wears down the front desk assistants. Therefore, MedConnectUSA helps medical offices stay connected with patients through their award-winning medical answering services.

MedConnectUSA has been providing medical office phone support since 1991. For over 27 years,  they have built a stellar reputation and have won several awards for their services. Their company specializes in medical phone support and live-operator teleservices for only the medical industry.

MedConnectUSA does not provide services to plumbers, electricians, building contractors, and other service businesses. By focusing exclusively on the medical field and upgrading their products/services to meet the needs of the medical field, the organization’s services have radiated success in the market.

They provide multiple levels of backup and guarantees, which helps ensure that all patients’ calls will be attended to in the most professional manner. Speaking in regards to the company’s success, Founder Kurt Duncan said, “Today, we operate multiple call centers across the US. Each facility has been carefully sited to minimize exposure to adverse weather, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.”

MedConnectUSA employs and trains professional call center operators to handle patient calls for doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and other health care practitioners. They do not use home-based operators; all their operators are office-based, working coherently to serve the needs of medical offices. As a result of the professional work of their team, the organization won notable awards such as Award of Excellence for 13 consecutive times in a row from Association of Teleservices International (ATSI).

The medical answering services provided by MedConnectUSA include Day-Time Hours Answering, Success Messaging, Ready Assist, Voice Call, Forward Email, and Disaster Recovery. For instance, through the daytime hours answering, they provide support to patients on behalf of the medical office during office hours.

Through these mediums, MedConnectUSA provides cost-effective solutions to help medical offices to improve their services to patients. Medical offices in the United States looking to leverage the services of the organization to streamline their patient communication should contact their office.

MedConnectUSA, a medical answering service that has multiple locations that are only based in the United States. For inquiries, contact them via phone at 888-216-8482. For additional information regarding their services, visit MedConnectUSA via their website.

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