Hedgefinity The World’s Largest Crowdfunding Platform Launched its own Cryptocurrency “Hedgecash”.

The Hedgefinity community, announced that it has launched its own cryptocurrency by issuing of tokens in four (4) rounds offers with the pre-sale & ICO on December 5, 2018 and closing it on April 30, 2019.

The Hedgefinity community has designed its cryptocurrency to give both beginners and professional traders’ confidence with fast & useful cryptocurrencies experiences.

In addition, Hedgefinity believes that its new cryptocurrency and its crypto friendly platform will take over with the solution to the difficulty of the existing platforms, token generating, and wallets.

About Hedgecash

Hedgefinity, the world’s strongest Crowdfunding community announces the launch of its cryptocurrency, the first ever crowdfunding cryptocurrency “Hedgecash’ a utility designed to eliminate issues regarding financial transactions with its specially designed cryptofrendly platform “Hedgepay” is a platform which will provide Hedgecash users a wallets. Every member of the Hedgefinity community will be getting a bonus reward in the Hedgecash project. Also giving early investors a chance to get an 80% off the price before launch.

Benefits of Hedgecash

Hedgecash is built on etherum blockchain and this digital currency is designed to be used in daily activities such as a means of payment like flight bookings, hotel bookings, bill payments, event tickets etc. with the potential of being used as a real currency in a near future which will serve as a useful tool for the Hedgecash Users.

Hedgecash Listing on Exchange

Hedgecash will be listed on 2-3 Major exchanges till Q2-2019

Hedgepay Platform

“Hedgepay” is a decentralized and multifunction P2P platform, which serve as a virtual wallet and much more.

A Cryptofrendly platform with lots of functions and key features including, to store, send and receive Hedgecash. Hedgepay is designed to process transaction faster, easy to use, safe & secure, with low transaction fees.

Hedgepay is designed to handle millions of transactions per second, using wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods with a strong security system.

Hedgepay, as the first P2P crowdfunding platform is here to meet the needs of both crypto beginners and professional Hedgecash users traders to store their cryptocurrencies.

Hedgepay also enable Hedgecash users book movie tickets, flight tickets, event tickets, pay bills, etc with their Hedgecash wallet.

However, the key aim and objectives of the Hedgefinity community for the Hedgepay project are:

  • Fast transactions by reducing transactions time to the minimum.

  • Improve user experience and interaction

  • Introduction of advanced decentralization into the exchange system

Moreover, the Hedgepay platform has developed an advanced security method for safekeeping Hedgecash wallets, with private keys which prevent unauthorized change or access the wallet at any time.

Hedgecash Token Sale

Hedgecash Token is a utility token created to be used in the system. Hedgecash tokens are a built-in network resource and work similarly to Bitcryptocurrency. It is a dependent cryptocurrency, which allows the user to operate digital assets without limits. The sale of Hedgecash tokens would be in three phases with the first phase commencing on 1st of December, 2018 and concludes on the 30th of April 2019 with the price per token $0. 02. Total supply of 100,000,000 tokens will be available with the second phase of the pre-ICO sale will commence at $0.03 and the final phase of the pre-ICO sales commencing immediately after the conclusion of the 2nd phase and 100,000,000 amount of HFCH will be released at $0.04/HFCH. This will mark the last phase before the main ICO event begins. This would be a temporary bonus of up to 80% for early investors.

About Hedgefinity

Hedgefinity is the world’s strongest crowdfunding community. The ultimate place for anyone with ideas, motivation, desire to turn a dream into reality. With a team of over five years experienced Engineers in Development, Crowdfunding & Blockchain platform.

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