diwo demonstrates cognitive applications for real-world business opportunities at AI World 2018

Artificial intelligence gets a lot of hype, but it has a long way to go; few organizations have been able to practically implement an AI solution that can truly revolutionize their business. At AI World’s annual conference and expo focusing on the state of artificial intelligence in business, diwo™ — a unique cognitive decision-making platform created by Loven Systems — introduced a series of integrations that harness AI’s capabilities for practical industry applications.

diwo was created by industry veterans to address the shortcomings they saw in most AI applications — which promised their insights would transform business; but lacking integration into a business framework, simply piled more data onto decision-makers’ plates. By contrast, diwo moves beyond insight generation to apply its cognitive capabilities to well-defined business “opportunity types”, using its insights to guide business users through the specific decisions they need to make. By prioritizing business and user context, diwo adds value from day one and builds trust to better integrate across the enterprise. 

As a speaker and panellist for AI World, Krishna Kallakuri, diwo’s founder and CEO, demonstrated how diwo empowers confident action by providing prepackaged, quantified decisions, based on continuous background analysis of specific business contexts, including:

  • Retail (Assortment Optimization, Excess Stock/Out of Stock prevention, Customer Retention, Customer Win Back)
  • Healthcare (rReadmission Avoidance, CMS Star Rating)
  • Financial Services (Collection Effectiveness, Financial Services Advisory, Investment Portfolio Diversifier, HNW Hard Asset Advisory)
  • Insurance (Hotspots Risk Analysis)
  • eCommerce (Virtual Real Estate Agent)
  • Automotive (warranty management) and more
  • Gaming (Maximize Theo)

About diwo 

diwo™ is the flagship solutions platform of Loven Systems, a cognitive analytics solutions company based in Northville, Michigan. Acting as a sixth sense for ultimate decision-making capability, diwo works continuously in the background to sense and quantify invisible opportunities and situations before they arise, guiding users through the best strategy to address them in time, while providing levers that users can adjust to explore the real-time impacts of each decision. diwo is based on an innovative foundation that integrates cognitive computing, machine learning, semantic technologies and big data technologies in a scalable, unified framework.

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