A Whitening Essence With Cell Regeneration Technology Derived From Noble Prize Winning Research

“Developed by scientists in New York University’s stem cell laboratory using Nobel Prize winning technology, PHAMTOLIVA is a revolutionary whitening essence.”

New York City, New York – PHAMTOLVIA, an active oligopeptide brightening essence and cell regeneration technology, restores the skins healthy luster so you can say goodbye to dry, dull skin this winter.

Embrace and nurture a white complexion with PHAMTOLVIA, a brightening essence powerful enough to hide any faults. Eliminate yellow and black spots year-round and prevent drying and discoloration of the skin during cold winter seasons. To achieve bright, white and delicate skin, use PHAMTOLVIA as part of a daily regime to improve its healthy luster and shining glow.

PHAMTOLIVA whitening essence was born from a cell regeneration technology awarded the Nobel Prize and developed by researchers and scientists in a New York University laboratory in partnership with Chinese scientists. Directly using oligopeptide, it serves as a skin “beauty factor” to participate in and nurture skin metabolism. To obtain the perfect formulation of the active oligopeptide group, PHAMTOLIVA strictly carries out the cold extraction, drying, and desalination processes to ensure that the oligopeptide has ultra-high activity at room temperature when it is applied to the skin.

The technologies PHAMTOLVIA employs have been listed among the Top 10 beauty discoveries of 2011 by VOGUE magazine. Critics consider the bright whitening of PHAMTOLIVA active oligopeptide group ™ to be one of the modern miracles of science and technology.  Use it today to bolster your skin’s healthy luster and to say goodbye to dry, dull skin.

About Dr. Bu Lei

Dr. Bu Lei, Director of the Stem Cell Research Laboratory at the School of Medicine at New York University, has led efforts to develop PHAMTOLVIA. Dr. Bu Lei is also a researcher at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) and an academic whose work has been published in many international first-class journals on topics such as nature and natural genetics. A leader in developing PHAMTOLVIA and its technology, Dr. Bu Lei is regarded in the field for his contributions to this modern miracle of science and technology.

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