Brad and Morgan Robinson Create Happiness After Infidelity

Therapist Brad Robinson and his wife, Morgan, were the featured speakers on Influencers Radio show. They discussed how they help couples resolve infidelity issues, whether they stay together or go their separate ways.

Brad and Morgan Robinson were the featured guests on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. Infidelity seems to be prevalent these days, openly discussed and experienced in reality TV shows, such as the Real Housewives series, as well as in everyday life. Social media seems to have opened the floodgates unwittingly on disclosure because of the ease with which spouses learn about the cheating. The first thing that jumps to mind upon learning about this is getting a divorce.

The Robinsons have a unique approach to healing after betrayal and have been instrumental in saving many marriages, which otherwise would have ended up in divorce court. They give couples and individuals who are either married or in relationships a proven road map to work through the complexities of life after an affair.

According to Morgan, “Many people buy into the myth that there is no healing after they’ve been betrayed. That it’s insurmountable and there’s no way to actually heal. But there is a way to heal, to rebuild your relationship, to make it better than it was before, and to actually keep your family and your kids together. You can truly heal from this without it taking an incredible amount of time.”

The Robinsons specialize in helping couples work towards what they call post-traumatic growth. No one is ever happy they went through an affair, affairs are never good, but there is often good that can come out of it.

Brad shares, “You can completely heal even after betrayal and experience positive growth no matter how broken your relationship seems to be. The post-traumatic growth that’s experienced is actually typical when couples get the right help. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not unusual for couples to completely heal from an affair. Most people really can rebound nicely and are resilient. The usual pattern for couples is growth and resilience, not enduring defeat.”

According to the Robinsons, before the affair happened, couples are usually caught in a negative cycle. They find that the couple wasn’t really connecting at a deeper, emotional level. After the affair, they may try to communicate using the same old patterns which did not work before. These patterns keep them from being able to fully heal after betrayal.

Contrary to what they think, ignoring the situation doesn’t make it go away. In fact, the hurt and the emotional wounds can be around for years and decades if not addressed properly. To really rebuild a marriage, couples have to deal with those negative ways of interacting which hinder them from growth and moving forward. Whether they stay together or go their separate ways, it’s important for the healing to take place. A person may continue to have issues in future relationships if this isn’t done.

Brad & Morgan also discuss the psychology of the betrayer. They explore how someone who is in love with someone else gets to the point where they’re willing to betray that same person.

Love and infidelity is a subject that will always be of interest to many. Brad & Morgan positively impact those who experience the anguish of a cheating situation.

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