HetaChain officially closed their ICO on Dec 10th 2018, to increase focus on product development and expanding use cases

HetaChain has announced the closure of their ICO before the planned end-date, owing to the great response received during both private and public sale. The main reason behind the company’s ICO closure is to focus on product development and present more use cases of HetaChain in real-life. The main goal of the ICO was to incentivize its usage among token holders and enable wide adoption of the project, which it successfully did.

Hetachain ICO is closed on Dec 10th 2018, with the below remarks: 

Private sales: 185.65 mil USD

Public sales: 4,401,316.78 mil USD

Total HETA Tokens sold: 263,551,903

I’m really glad to announce that we have successfully completed the initial coin offering of HetaChain.I would like to thank the team for providing a secure app and platform for the Heta token launch. I would also like to show my gratitude to our advisors for their hard work and continuous support for getting our first steps in place. Last but not least, on behalf of the whole  HetaChain team, I would like to thank the 60,000+  community of strong supporters and future holders that either backed the ICO or worked with us throughout our bounty and airdrop program. We’re looking forward to having you on-board early next year,” said Mr. Sultan Ali Lootah, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of HetaChain.

HetaChain’s journey

 HetaChain was founded on  September 12th, 2018, with a mission to overcome the shortcoming of the existing blockchain projects and provide a wide range of applications across business, government, and community sectors. A strong team behind HetaChain ensures a robust infrastructure and bright future, both evident from the achievements of HetaChain within the first few months of its launch. 

• Within one month of its debut, HetaChain and T-Hub officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding to implement HetaChain and T-Hub at Fuzhou High-Tech Park on  October 10th2018. The MOU will open doors for T-Hub and HetaChain to expand their wings in various communities and organization in China.

• On November 10th2018, HetaChain officially raised $185,650,000 USD from their private sales.

• On  December 10th2018, HetaChain officially ended ICO campaign with 263,551,903 total HETA Tokens sold.

• Within the first few months of its launch, HetaChain garnered 15 early adopters and 9 industry verticals in 8 countries. Hetachain also launched a public demo of block explorer, and completed the development of Testnet and the side Chain development in the process.

What Next?

HetaChain is a promising project with a  clear roadmap ahead. Through the end of this year, HetaChain will keep its complete focus on product development and expanding use cases for blockchain. In the first quarter of 2019, they will test the public launch, start a web portal for public release, focus on Dapp development for the Dapp store, develop smart contracts, and update their wallet for multi-token support. The Heta token will be listed on exchanges in February 2019. The funds will then be locked for 10 years to ensure security for the community. 1/40 of the total token amount will be distributed every quarter.

About HetaChain:

HetaChain is a blockchain platform for a smart economy. It is a scalable, secure, flexible, and fast blockchain framework that aims to bring solutions to the challenges faced by the current businesses who implement blockchain technology. Unlike the regular blockchain technologies that aim to ‘revolutionize’ the industries, HetaChain has focused on building a network of businesses that are willing to adopt blockchain technology. HetaChain is the product of combined efforts of some of the best minds in the industry, having vast experience and expertise in different fields such as finance, investment, business, IT, and civil engineering. 

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