The successor of bitcoin, the next generation distributed computing network system of Paloalto.

For a group of encrypted punks, bitcoin is the realization of the liberalism of anarchic decentralization; decentralization and privacy protection are the attitudes it conveys to the world. However, in the process of development, what is followed is the devastation of the decentralized ideal; no matter it is the concentration of mining calculation, or the appealing authority of the opinion leader of the bitcoin, countless facts have proved to us that bitcoin may subvert the traditional centralization power. But at the same time, a new decentralized world is being established.

Through a decade of development course, the decentralized world officially entered people’s livesbecause of the emergence of Paloalto. Paloalto’s decentralized predictor and virtual machinecan support higher concurrent scalability.The future blockchain is no longer only used for professionals, but used for ordinary users around the world, with the good governance structure and more complete design of the Token Economy. All because thatbitcoin’s vision of the future of the blockchain can perfectly combined the decentralized blockchain technology and ideas.

The current blockchain is more like a symbol of humanity’s constant pursuit of freedom and ideals. In the hearts of determined believers, the blockchain is probably the symbol of the era with aura of liberalism.

Good or bad, subverting everything or returning to the original point, it depends on the next decade of the blockchain.

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