Conx2share, an innovative one-stop mobile app, slated for January launch

New application attracting serious media attention and gaining users.

It started as a concept and a plan just a few months ago. Now it’s a cutting-edge technological phenomenon scheduled for a January launch.

We’re talking about Conx2share, a new one-stop mobile application that controls virtually all digital communication. This app, developed by a Toronto-based company with an international team of innovators and developers, is being recognized as the “next big thing.”

Conx2share is an innovative mobile app that has garnered serious attention from a host of media outlets including CNBC and Yahoo Finance.

Conx2share has developed a set of revolutionary communication features that mimic non-digital relationships. These features give the user the ability to create and share custom content through text, picture, video and blogging. The app also includes a profile page, with a personal photo, that identifies the user.

“Conx2share is a powerhouse communications app and so much more,” says Conx2share CEO/President HG Strickland, “It’s actually a communications app, social media app and communications hub.”

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In addition to the communications features, Conx2share’s social media component is the first designed from the ground up for mobile users and is created to seamlessly function as one social network. This integrated platform allows creation of customized contact groups, such as Family, Business Network, or Close Friends. As a communications hub, the mobile app will deliver user content to existing social media accounts with just an easy tap of the finger.

“All of our features have been fully integrated into one platform built specifically for mobile users,” Strickland adds, “It’s easy to use, looks amazing and functions seamlessly.”

Developers have been burning the midnight oil to make Conx2share’s app even better.

“We have just added a new feature,” notes Strickland. “In addition to texting, sending pictures and videos with or without text, we now have included voice-to-voice messaging.

“You will be able to push a button and record a voice message and send. The recipient sees your profile image on the screen and listens to your message.”

Additional details, including a demonstration video, can be found on the Indiegogo page, available at

Sign up for the free version is available at the company website (January launch) and iPhone users (iOS 8 required) can access the Beta Version as Testers now through Apple’s TestFlight.

“We can’t wait to get this app out on the market,” says Strickland. “It’s going to revolutionize the entire mobile communications market. It’s the app your smartphone has been waiting on.”

For additional information, visit; the Conx2share website,; or the Conx2share Facebook page,

Media Contact:

HG Strickalnd CEO can be reached directly at or at +1-866-696-6388.

Conx2share - Main Logo
Conx2share – Main Logo

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