Canadian Addiction Centre Wishes Everyone A World of Good Thoughts And Sober Celebrations During Christmas and The New Year

Everyone is more vulnerable during the holidays, but addiction recovery can be particularly difficult during this time of the year, especially when surrounded by all sorts of temptations and faced with high levels of stress.

As 2018 draws to a close, Inspire Change Wellness, a highly regarded addiction treatment centre dedicated to men across the area of Vancouver, wants to wish all of their current and former residents a wonderful holiday season and a new year filled with peace of mind and happiness and, simultaneously, warn against the heightened risk of relapsing.

“With the holiday season upon us, all of us need to be more mindful about what people around us are going through. While we work hard to make sure our patients get to enjoy the holiday season and make the most out of it, we have to stay alert and provide them with as many coping techniques as possible to avoid the threats of falling into addiction or relapse. Prescription drugs use soars during this time because of the extra stress, pressure and effort that come with celebrating this time of the year. And there are so many things that can go wrong: some abuse pain medication because that headache or back pain from buzzing around all day just won’t go away, some might abuse sedatives because the holidays trigger feelings of depression and loneliness, others fall victim to all sorts of stimulants that go around at parties, and so on. We understand all of this and we are here to offer the needed support and tools to empower everyone to having a great holiday season. From all of us at Inspire Change Wellness, we wish this festive season will bring you joy and renew your spirits,” said a key Inspire Change Wellness spokesperson.

The centre has a couple of recommendations to keep all of their current patients and recovering ones at the top of their game. First and foremost, everyone should bear in mind that the most common triggers arise when a person feels either hungry, angry, lonely, or tired, which can all be triggered during Christmas and New Year celebrations. The company recommends having a day by day plan and evaluating risk situations carefully. Certainly, it does not mean a person should avoid social interactions or stop celebrating altogether, however having an ally alongside that truly understands the situation and can offer caring support is key. Staying active and busy, while also being aware cravings might occur and being ready to deal with them are also important aspects to remember and apply.

The centre is dedicated to remaining by patients’ side and anyone can contact them via their website where a live chat is available to help diminish risks.

About Inspire Change Wellness

Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Centre for Men has empowered thousands of men from across Vancouver battling addiction. Offering comprehensive treatment and counseling for a wide range of addictions, from alcohol, heroin, marijuana, meth, cocaine to prescription drugs and opioids, Inspire Change Wellness has made a name for itself as the centre of excellence for men transitioning to a sober, healthy life.

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