The Asian Entrepreneur Magazine Eyes Expansion with $4 Million Investment

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In a recent round of investment led by investor firms based out of Singapore, United States and Hong Kong, The Asian Entrepreneur has received funding approximately up to $4 million. The Asian Entrepreneur is largely known as an international business media company that provides relevant insights and educational perspectives on entrepreneurship in Asia. Founded in Boston at Harvard University, the American printed academic publication has grown into a digital platform that publishes authoritative content that is actively curated and produced by an international team of authors and editors. Aside from media, The Asian Entrepreneur has also worked to facilitate the growth of the startup ecosystems mainly in the Southeast Asian region by community-level initiatives such as events and national initiatives with governmental parties.

It is understood from company sources that the recently acquired funds will be utilized for international expansion with specific plans to engage in the expansion of The Asian Entrepreneur’s publishing capabilities, development of corporate resources as well as targeted restructuring.

“The Asian Entrepreneur hopes that this latest round of investments will help it navigate through the uniquely changing landscapes of media and content consumption which necessitates corporate changes. The investment will also provide the necessary financial foundation to realize broader strategic plans for entering new markets and segments in the next 2 years,” the company’s representative stated.

“With new funding, we will be able to invest in enhancing our publishing capabilities within Asia and beyond. We also plan to utilize this for achieving our marketing goals for the next couple of years. The Asian Entrepreneur is now well-positioned to add another dimension of flexibility and expediency to publishing, which ultimately helps create a more efficient media platform. We plan to work with relevant stakeholders and utilize the experience of seasoned investors to achieve these objectives,” said Harshul Srivastava, co-founder of Asian Entrepreneur.

“There is no deniability that there has been an immense emergence of entrepreneurship throughout the Asian region over the last decade. Yet, distinct challenges exist for those who are intending to make an impact in these markets – challenges that entrepreneurs can realistically tackle only by greater understanding and knowledge. There certainly has to be more actionable education about the unique characteristics that define the Asian entrepreneurial experience and we are working very hard to build our brand as that authoritative educational source for today’s fast-paced Asian entrepreneurs,” says Melvin Poh, co-founder of Asian Entrepreneur.

Harshul Srivastava and Melvin Poh both conceived The Asian Entrepreneur together in 2011 and have been with the development of the media company since its conception. They currently advise and assist with the management of the organization and its’ regional offices in Asia operating in 5 countries.

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