Elinor, new generation of crystal poised to redefine art and fashion

Raphael Bellier Reveals Hummingbird Technology on Kickstarter

There have been many fashion elements that have come and gone throughout modern history, but there have been some that seem timeless: diamonds, sequins, and Swarovski crystals, for instance. Now, Raphael Bellier is bringing the next generation of timeless, versatile crystal to the world. With the launch of his latest Kickstarter campaign, people everywhere have gotten their first look at Hummingbird Technology.

Bellier is known as many as a serial entrepreneur, having founded companies such as Ylem Biotechnology and Nexelec. He’s an engineer and an executive level MBA with a strong background in various areas of design, and his business acumen can’t be understated. Now, Bellier is the founder and CEO at Elinor.

At Elinor, his team is bringing to life a luxury brand with French style and industrial romanticism at its core. The company is engineering and crafting products that invoke beauty and harmony. Each product from Elinor is made with a high level of quality, using fine, rare, precious hand-crafted elements to ensure the most precise, stunning outcome.

Bellier and his team at Elinor are now developing Hummingbird Technology. According to Bellier, this new crystal can best be defined as a new generation of crystal that reproduces the effect of hummingbird feathers.

Bellier has just launched a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise $56,633 to bring Hummingbird Technology to life and make it a timeless staple in art and fashion forever.

The most beautiful light is the light of the living, said Bellier in response to his creation. For the first time, people are seeing a biomimetic technology for sustainable art.

More information can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1318525715/a-crystal-that-reproduces-the-effect-of-hummingbir?ref=b2d7j1.

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Company Name: Elinor
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Country: France
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1318525715/a-crystal-that-reproduces-the-effect-of-hummingbir?ref=b2d7j1